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Utah is the Place for Recreation!

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 4th Grade
Standard 1 Objective 3

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication


Lynn Paquin
Candy Peters


Enduring Understanding: Many opportunities for tourism and recreation are available in Utah.

Essential Questions:

  1. How have humans modified the physical environment for recreational activities?
  2. Why are these recreational landforms important for human activity?

This lesson looks at the development of tourism in Utah and the many opportunities for sports and recreation that are available here in the state.


  • Access to computers
  • Product guide and rubric for ppt project
  • National Parks ppt
  • Recreation survey

Background for Teachers



Instructional Procedures

Invitation to learn:

  1. Have students complete the "Utah is the Place for Recreation" survey (see attachments).
  2. Discuss the results of the survey with class.
  3. Display the new Utah "Life Elevated" license plate (see attachments) and have students work with partners or in small groups to brainstorm activities, events, or ideas that might be represented by that phrase. Have partners or groups share their thinking with the rest of the class.

Day 1:

  1. Using the web site links provided in the teacher background information, show students the many activities that are available to citizens of the State of Utah and visitors to our state. Focus on locations and opportunities.
  2. Allow students to share some personal experiences; you may also want to arrange for parent volunteers or other guest speakers to come and visit your class to discuss the activities they participate in.
  3. Assign students the PowerPoint project (see assessment). Review the product guide with them and make sure they understand the requirements. Make time available for students to work on their ppt presentations by scheduling the computer lab, using classroom computers, or working with the computer teacher at your school to allow students time in her class to work on this project. Other options are for students to create a slide show, or movie

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  1. Students with special needs may not be able to independently create a ppt presentation. Some options are partnering a student with a parent volunteer or older grade student for assistance.
  2. If a student has health concerns that would prevent him from using a computer, he should be allowed to create a poster or other type of project instead of the ppt.
  3. It might be possible to work with the computer teacher to complete this project.


For a more prescriptive tiered lesson,develop the following ideas to fit the needs of your students. Assign specific students to complete the following activities:

  1. Recreation Pictionary: Students will create cards to be used for a "Pictionary" style game. Words to be written on the cards will name fun activities to be found in Utah. Students will begin by brainstorming great activities to do in Utah. Ideas may include: skiing and boarding, boating, water skiing, fishing, golf, hunting, river rafting, slick rock jeeping, biking, hiking, visiting ghost towns, etc. Cards could be stored in zipper bags and used for class game time.
  2. Assign students to create a travel brochure recommending sites to see in Utah. Brochures could be created with paper and markers, or done on the computer.
  3. Assign students to create a PowerPoint presentation showing the beauty of the National Parks in Utah. (see sample attached to teacher background information)Other options include a slide show or movie presentation.
  4. Assign students to debate the best location in Utah for skiing/boarding.

Assessment Plan


Students will create a PowerPoint presentation that shares information about their favorite Utah recreation activity. Use product guide and scoring rubric to evaluate their projects.

Created: 06/25/2009
Updated: 02/04/2018