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Being Good Digital Citizens with Today's Technologies

Main Core Tie

Health Education II (9-12)

Additional Core Ties

Health Education II (9-12)

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility




During this lesson students will view a PowerPoint presentation to examine the dangers of technology. The presentation covers: pornography, cell phones, cyber-bullying, and social networking.



  • 1-CellPhones_Photos_v4.wmv
    Video 4 - This is a 4 min video that talks about what happens when someone mis-uses his/her cell phone by taking inappropriate pictures. (24.9 MB)
  • AFJH_Predator_video1_NEW1.wmv
    Video 1 - This is a 5 min. video about a teen who meets a girl online and then decides to meet her in real life. A good question to ask is if this can happen in real life? (47.8 MB)
  • Broken_Friendship-2000k.wmv
    Video 7 - A 1 min 51 sec video on cyber-bullying. Don't share your password, even with your best friend. (19.5 MB)
  • Bulletin_Board_60.wmv
    Video 5 - This is a 60 sec video on what happens when a girl posts a picture that she later regrets. (7.2 MB)
  • Exchange-60.wmv
    Video 2 - This is a 60 sec. video of a teen girl chatting online with a man (20s). Good example of a profile of a teen. (5.9 MB)
  • Julie_s_Journey-2000k.wmv
    Video 3 - This video is 3 min 15 secs long. It is about a girl who who runs away with a 56 yr-old man for three weeks.(29.6 MB)
  • NetSafe_for_7-12_Grades.ppt
    PowerPoint presentation called "Being Good Digital Citizens with Today's Technologies."
    This zipped file contains the PowerPoint presentation with all of the required video files. You should be able to download this zipped file and then run the PPT without having to insert any of the videos. (138 MB)
  • NetSafe_PSA_Cyberbullying_v8.wmv
    Video 8 - 45 sec video on cyberbullying. Do not respond, save the evidence, and report it to a trusted adult. (2.9 MB)
  • Never_Safe_From_a_Bully_v6.wmv
    Video 6 - 30 sec video on an example of cyberbullying. (4.1 MB)
  • Words_hurt_video9.wmv
    Video 9 - 30 sec video example of cyber-bullying. If you won't say it face-to-face, then don't text/e-mail it. (4.2 MB)


  • NetSafe Utah Videos
    Many of the videos listed above can be found in eMedia. Utah educators and students can access eMedia through Pioneer Online Library.

Background for Teachers



  • NetSafe Utah
    This is a good web site to study with regard to a variety of issues related to Internet safety. The site include videos that you can download and use within your classroom and/or school to educate students, faculty, and/or parents on a variety of Internet safety related topics.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to identify and explain how to avoid common dangers with Internet searches, social networking sites and cell phones.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Download zip file from materials section above.

    Save it to a desktop folder labeled technology dangers. (All videos are present in the zip file and linked to technology dangers folder. Individual videos are also provided if you want to use them without the power point.)

  2. Have students complete the Pretest.
  3. Using the PowerPoint, discuss technology dangers with the students.
  4. For additional student activity, access the Technology Dangers project.
  5. Have students complete the Posttest.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

In lieu of the pretest, you may have students discuss in small groups and then share with the class possible dangers they have heard about technology use.


Have students create a PSA (Public Service Announcement) video warning younger teens about the dangers they have learned about.

Assessment Plan

A pretest and posttest are provided.


Adapted from a PowerPoint created by Rick Cline, - NetSafe Utah 10/2009.

Created: 10/26/2009
Updated: 01/15/2020