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All I Really Need!

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - Kindergarten
Standard 4 Objective 1

Time Frame

2 class periods of 15 minutes each


Rebecca Moffat
Lindsey Romero
Stephanie Seely
Connie Sorensen


Students will explore the difference between wants and needs as they decide what they will be taking to Grandma's house.



  • SlideShare
    PowerPoint Presentation for Raffi Song "All I Really Need".


  • Needs and Wants by: Gillia M. Olson ISBN: 1429617071
  • The Bag I'm Taking to Grandma's by: Shirley Neitsel ISBN: 0688158404
  • All I Really Need by: Raffi (Found on the Baby Beluga Album)

Background for Teachers

Teacher needs be aware of the difference between needs and wants, be aware of your classroom demographics especially as you talk about difference between needs and wants. Be aware of who students live with - offer suggestions if they already live with "Grandma". Who might they go to visit?

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a positive learning attitude.

2. Make connections from content areas to application in real life.

3. Meet and respect needs of self and others.

Instructional Procedures


Day 1
Before the lesson, the teacher will need to make a copy of the pictures (attached) of the needs and wants cards for the activity. Place all of the items in a box, trunk, or suitcase.

As a whole group read the story The Bag I'm Taking to Grandma's and then go through the items in the bag, suitcase, or trunk.

Decide if the item is something that you would need to take with you on a trip to Grandma's house.

Create a T-Chart while placing the items into the two groups:

  • Need on a trip to Grandma's house
  • Do not need on a trip to Grandma's house
to help reinforce the concept of sorting. Talk about why some of the items you would not need to take with your, but might WANT to take with you.

Day 2
Begin by asking the students about the previous days lesson on needs and wants when going on a trip to Grandma's house. Ask them "What is a need?" and "What is a want?".

And then move into reading the story Needs and Wants, asking them if the page they are looking at is a need or a want. After reading, play the "All I Really Need" song and PowerPoint presentation for the students, teaching them the lyrics of the song.

Assessment Plan


Give each child a copy of the Wants and Needs Chart and the picture cards(attached). To assess their understanding of wants and needs, have them sort and glue the pictures in the appropriate column on the worksheet.

Created: 06/16/2010
Updated: 02/05/2018