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Utah: This is the Place!


Students will learn about the state they live in as well as Utah's place in the United States.




  • Enchanted Learning
    Worksheets and information about the state of Utah. (This site has some free materials but requires a paid subscription for many of the worksheets.)
    Information about the state of Utah.


  • Utah Atlas: Geography and History, by Cliff B. Craig & M. Elijah Carr; ISBN: 1-4236-0075-4
  • This is the Place!: A Crossroads of Utah's Past, by Pat and Will Bagley ISBN: 1-885628-25-0
  • A is for Arches: A Utah Alphabet, by Becky Hall ISBN: 1-58536-096-1

Background for Teachers

Be knowledgeable about physical and cultural symbols and features that represent the state of Utah.

Intended Learning Outcomes

1. Display a sense of curiosity.

2. Voluntarily use a variety of resources to investigate topics of interest.

3. Develop vocabulary.

Instructional Procedures

Before Teaching:
Teacher will need to locate a number of pictures of memorable Utah icons:

  • State Capitol
  • This is the Place Monument
  • Beehive
  • Kennecott Copper Mine
  • Pioneers
  • Sego Lily
  • Salt Flats
  • Seagull
  • Great Salt Lake
  • Four Corners
  • Golden Spike (Transcontinental Railroad)
  • Sugar beet
  • Utah Jazz
  • Arches

After printing the pictures, attach a paperclip to the top of each one to create a fishing game of Utah Icons! To make a fishing pole, attach a string to a magnet, and attach the string to a yardstick or long wooden dowel.

Lesson Day:
To play the game, scatter the pictures on the ground and have the students go "fishing" for things they might see or find around their state. When they "catch" their picture, talk about what it is and why it is important to the state of Utah.

After playing the game, provide the students with the Utah Worksheet (attached) and have them work with you to fill out the page with the new information they have learned about where they live.

**Note: This lesson should be taught on or around Utah's birthday, January 4th.**

Created: 06/17/2010
Updated: 02/05/2018