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CIB-Ad Media Costs

Main Core Tie

Exploring Business and Marketing
Strand 4


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Students will identify advertising media (magazines, newspapers, television, direct mail, radio, internet, and billboards) and examine their costs.



  • Advertising and Target Market Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
  • Advertising Chart

Instructional Procedures

  • Have the students find examples of advertisements from at least 6 of the different advertising media.
  • Conduct a scavenger hunt to find different types of advertisements tailored to specific target markets.
  • Have the students examine the Small Business Website in order to discover costs of different methods of advertising.
  • Have the students complete the chart showing the different costs of each type of advertising, and decide which method of advertising is most effective for a variety of Target Markets.
  • Lead a discussion as to why the students chose the different methods of advertising for their respective target markets.

Created: 01/06/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018