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CIB-Basic Design Terms

Main Core Tie

Exploring Business and Marketing
Strand 5


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Students will understand basic design and page layout concepts and terminology including white space, margins, headline, copy, color, page balance, font, font size, graphic formats and design elements.


  • Desktop Publishing Vocabulary
  • Desktop Publishing Bingo

Instructional Procedures

  • Students will review the vocabulary for the different design and page layout concepts.
  • Teacher can create a bingo game using the different vocabulary of basic design, page layout concepts.
  • Pass out a Desktop Publishing Bingo card and allow the students to fill in the card with the words from the vocabulary list that they choose, making sure they only use a word one time on the card.
  • Play Bingo by calling out the definition of the vocabulary words only, making it necessary for the students to know the definition to match it to the word on their Bingo card.

Created: 01/06/2011
Updated: 02/02/2018