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Responsible Sexual Behavior, Teen Pregnancy & STIs

Main Core Tie

Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Strand 3 Standard 3

Additional Core Ties

Adult Roles and Financial Literacy
Strand 5 Standard 3




Students will learn about responsible sexual behavior, teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.


Instructional Procedures


Primary Vocabulary

  • Abstinence
  • Abstain
  • Making out
  • Petting
  • Intercourse
  • Dating
  • Going steady
  • Engagement

Hold up a dirty, used, gross toothbrush and a brand new toothbrush still in the package. Ask the class which toothbrush they would rather use. After they respond, discuss why they chose the one they did. Tell them that they don't know where the used toothbrush has been, who has used it, what it has been used on etc. Relate this to sexual intercourse. Ask them if they want to get married to someone that is "like the used toothbrush" or marry someone that is "like the brand new toothbrush." Tell the students that they can begin today to create a new package around them by making the decision today to repackage their "toothbrush."

  • Teen Pregnancy Introduction

    Get four or five sheets of paper and tape them end to end. Draw a line from one end to the other--a straight, long line. This is each students life. Mark out the years by 5's to about the age of 95, because that is how long the average American 16 year-old of today is expected to live. Now, above the line about where age four would be, write: infancy & toddler. Above ages five to ten, write: childhood. Above ages 12 to 18: adolescence. Ages 18-25: young adulthood. Ages 25-95: adulthood. For some reason, when you break it down like this, the students can see how very valuable and short this time of her life actually is. They can understand on paper how they have 70 years to have sex, but only about ten good years to learn who they are, what they are doing, what they would like to do for the rest of their lives, and how they need to spend this time planning for a good future. If they don't plan for their future, it will be lost. Sexually active teenagers stand the risk of becoming pregnant or becoming a father at an early age, not getting the education he/she needs, and the very real threat of spending those 70 years living in a cheap basement apartment, trailer, or depending upon relatives for the rest of their lives.

    Play song: 100 Years by Five For Fighting (album: Battle For Everything)

  • STIs Introduction

    HANDSHAKING: Before students come into the room, ask one student to refuse to shake hands with anyone in class today, no matter what you say. Tell the students that you would like them to mingle for a few minutes and shake hands with at least three other people in the classroom. Be sure they don't just stay in small groups, but shake hands with three people from different areas of the room. As the teacher is explaining what the students are to do, he/she should shake hands with three students in different parts of the room. When they are seated again, tell them that you have just found out that you have been harboring a disease you didn't know you had and that it is spread by shaking hands. Ask the students that you shook hands with to stand and remain standing. Then ask all the students who had shaken hands with any of them to stand. Repeat this procedure until all the infected students are standing.

    Explain to the students that this is the same pattern by which STDs are spread. One person can infect many, many other people. Remember, when you have sex with someone, you are having sex with everyone with whom they have had sex.

    Ask the student you spoke to before class if they have been infected. Why not? (Abstinence is the only certain way to avoid contacting an STI.) Inform students that an STI is transmitted to a teenager every 13 seconds.

Content Outline, Activities and Teaching Strategies
(All options do not necessarily need to be taught. Select ones to cover standards and objectives and according to your district policies.)

Option 1: Lecture on Responsible Sexual Behavior
Follow the Responsible Sexual Behavior Power Point and Funnels Teacher Information (pdf) with supplemental activities to teach the dangers of physical intimacy during dating and responsible sexual behavior. Have students take notes using the Responsible Dating Student Packet (pdf).

Option 2: Why is Teenage Sex Good or Bad
"Why do teenagers have sex?" List all ideas on the chalkboard as you discuss with the class. Use the Why is Teenage Sex Good or Bad handout (pdf).

Option 3: Most or Moment
Before you compare the 2 funnels (after #4 on the student packet) complete "Most or Moment" activity; "Most or Moment?", page 159, Still More Activities That Teach, Tom Jackson, IBSN $ 0-9664633-5-8

Option 4: Signals Activity
Give each girl a Female Response Sheet and each boy a Male Response Sheet from the Signals Response handout (pdf) and everyone a pair of scissors. As the teacher defines the situation, each student will write his/her first reaction on a piece of paper and pass the paper to the teacher (the numbered strip for each question). The teacher will then read through the class responses and discuss what different behaviors mean to the students.

Option 5: "Time to Wait for Sex"/"Sex Still has a Price Tag" video or DVD
Show the video : "Time to Wait for Sex"/ "Sex Still has a Price Tag" video or DVD from

Option 6: Teen Pregnancy Oral Pre-Test
Go through the pre-test (pdf) orally to see how much your students know or don't know about teen pregnancy.

Option 7: Contributing Factors to Adolescent Pregnancy
Using the teacher information sheet (pdf) discuss the different factors that may contribute to adolescent pregnancy.

Option 8: Teen Pregnancy PowerPoint presentation
Go through the facts in the Teen Pregnancy PowerPoint Presentation and discuss them with your class.

Option 9: Teen Pregnancy debate
Use the Teen Pregnancy debate handout (pdf).

Option 10: Ideas for Adoption Speakers
Have (a) guest speaker(s) come speak to your class telling their experience with adoption. You may wish to have your students write down questions they may have for the guest speaker ahead of time so you can evaluate them. Refer to the Teacher Information for Speakers attachment (pdf).

Option 11: Effects of Teen Pregnancy
Discuss with your class the effects of teen pregnancy. Refer to the Effects of Teen pregnancy teacher information sheet (pdf).

Option 12: Common Types of STIs
Using the STIs PowerPoint Presentation and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) Fact Sheets (attached) have each student fill in the STIs Student Lecture Guide (pdf) as you discuss the common types of STIs as a class.

Option 13: Myths of STIs
Discuss the Myths of STIs Teacher Information (pdf) as a class.

Option 14: Guest Speaker
Have a guest speaker that is educated on STIs and knows the rules and guidelines of your school district come speak to your class about common STIs.

Stress to your class the importance of remaining sexually abstinent and that their choices today will have an everlasting effect on their futures.

Created: 07/07/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018