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Exploring MyPlate

Main Core Tie

FCS Exploration
Strand 7 Standard 3

Additional Core Ties

FCS Exploration
Strand 7 Standard 4

Time Frame

1 class periods of 70 minutes each


Shelli Barnum
Laura Schiers


Students will explore MyPlate. There is a PowerPoint and a note guide to accompany this lesson. A mini-lab recipe, (a lab that will only take half a class period), will be provided to help teach the concepts of the lesson.


  • MyPlate Lesson Plan
  • MyPlate PowerPoint
  • MyPlate Note Guide
  • MyPlate Note Guide KEY
  • Crayons
  • Recipe: Chicken and Ramen Stir Fry

  • Background for Teachers

    Become familiar with MyPlate. Review the PowerPoint and the teacher notes for each slide of the PowerPoint.

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Students will demonstrate knowledge of MyPlate.

    Instructional Procedures

    Introduction: (5 Minutes)
    Explain to students the outline for the day. Ask them if they have any questions.

    MyPlate: (20 Minutes)
    Show the PowerPoint on MyPlate. Introduce MyPlate to students. Discuss its benefits and explain how following its guidelines can lead to a lifetime of health.

    Mini Lab- Chicken and Ramon Stir Fry: (40 Minutes)
    Turn the rest of class time over to students to work in the lab. Give lab directions and get them to work. Walk around to answer questions and keep an eye on lab behavior. Check the students clean up of lab and make sure everything has been properly completed.

    Conclusion: (5 Minutes)
    Make sure students have cleaned up their personal work spaces. Check the kitchens for cleanliness.



    Created: 07/15/2011
    Updated: 02/05/2018