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Consumer Strategies

Main Core Tie

Fashion Design Studio
Strand 4 Standard 1

Additional Core Ties

Fashion Design Studio
Strand 4 Standard 2

Fashion Design Studio
Strand 4 Standard 3

Time Frame

3 class periods of 90 minutes each


Robin Lewis


Students will identify consumer influences: culture, economic, media, advertising, technology, and purchasing influences.



Look in the lesson plans for the worksheets, handouts, and materials list.

Background for Teachers

Basic knowledge of consumer strategies with fashion.

Student Prior Knowledge

General knowledge of consumerism and clothing.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will identify consumer strategies associated with fashion. Identify consumer influences, purchasing options, and decisions.

Instructional Procedures

Follow the lesson plans as outlined in the attachments.

Day 1: Consumer influences, and purchasing.

Day 2: Comparison Shopping activity.

Day 3: Advertisements and Test.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Pair students together.


Students can use to create an outfit within a budget.

Assessment Plan

A quiz will be used at the end of the lesson plan. See the attachment for the quiz and key.


  • Brand Power (passed around the FACS Listserve).
  • Kimberly Thomas (PPT Consumerism).

Created: 05/31/2012
Updated: 02/05/2018