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American Architectural Styles

Main Core Tie

Interior Design 2
Strand 2 Standard 1

Time Frame

2 class periods of 90 minutes each




This lesson plan will help students identify American adaptions of housing styles using their features and hallmarks.


American Architecture guided notes handout

American Architecture PowerPoint

The American House handout

The American House Video (Learning Seed)

Architectural Field Study Handout

Background for Teachers

Plan for the field study by obtaining necessary permission, signatures and transportation well ahead of your scheduled date. Preview the PowerPoint in advance.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students should have a good background in architectural features.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to identify American adaptions of housing styles using their features and hallmarks.

Instructional Procedures

Please refer to the lesson plans

  1. Distribute the American Architecture note guide.
  2. Present American Architecture PowerPoint and have students take notes.
  3. Show The American House Video and have students take notes.
  4. Day 2 - Use the field study as a method to asses student learning.

    (Note: You may run the field study like a tour instead of a test. Have the kids be tourists while you are a fun and creative tour guide. Local historical societies can help add some color to your narrative.)

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Students may complete the study guide by using information from the text.

Assessment Plan

This is a practical field study test. Drive to buildings of various architectural styles and have students identify the style along with the identifying features and hallmarks on the form provided.

Created: 08/09/2012
Updated: 01/19/2023