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Introduction to Refusal Skills

Main Core Tie

Health Education I (7-8)

Additional Core Ties

Health Education I (7-8)
Strand 6: HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (HD) Standard HI.HD.8:

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Character


Maria Lewis


Students will copy and demonstrate 3styles of responding to a question, the five Refusal Skills, and 5 reasons to use them.


  • Ipad
  • Projector or White Board
  • Prevention Dimensions binder 7-8
  • Student Journal or blank piece of paper for each student
  • Writing utensils

Background for Teachers

3 styles of responding to a question 5 refusal skills 5 reasons for using refusal skills

Student Prior Knowledge

The students should know from the previous unit, the 5 Decision Making steps: Know what's important to you. Consider the alternatives. Gather Information. Consider the Consequences Make your Decision and Act If there is a problem, go back to step one.

Intended Learning Outcomes

"I Can" Copy the 3 Styles of Responding to a question. Copy the 5 Refusal Skills and their key phrases. Copy the 5 reasons for using Refusal Skills. Demonstrate each Refusal Skill and it's key phrases in a role play.

Instructional Procedures

  1. The students will copy the mapping picture of the skills, styles, and reasons on their paper as the Teacher writes them on the ipad using Educreations.
  2. Start with demonstrating in a roleplay, with a student, each response style, as you write them on the ipad.
    1. Unsure/Passive
    2. Demanding/Aggressive
    3. Confident/Assertive
  3. Write and discuss each Refusal Skill and it's key phrase on the ipad, through the projector,as the students copy it in their notes..
    1. Ask Questions ("Who,what, when, where, why, how?")
    2. Name the trouble ("That's stealing, smoking, illegal, vandalism, etc..")
    3. Identify the consequences ("If I do that....")
    4. Suggest Alternatives ("Instead why don't we...")
    5. Sell it, move it, leave the door open. ("If you change your mind, I'll be.."
  4. Write and discuss each reason for using Refusal Skills, on the ipad as the students copy it in their notes.
    1. To be safe
    2. To have fun
    3. To Keep Friends
    4. To stay out of trouble
    5. To not feel guilty.
  5. Roleplay the skills with one student, using the key phrases.
  6. Have two students roleplay the refusal skills, using the key phrases.
  7. Orally review the steps with the class. (Leave words out and have them fill in the blanks.)

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  1. Give a finished hard copy for students who have difficulty keeping up or seeing. In some cases,allow them to keep it.
  2. Record lesson on ipad for review on the website.


Create a comic strip of someone being asked to do something they are not comfortable with.

  1. No Stick People
  2. Must use the 5 refusal skills and their key phrases.
  3. Must be colored.

Assessment Plan

At the end of the day, students will roleplay. At the end of the unit there will be a written test where they are to use the Refusal Skills in a risky situation.


  • Educreations app
  • Prevention Dimensions

Created: 08/28/2012
Updated: 01/23/2020