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Eat A Rainbow

Main Core Tie

Health Education - 3rd Grade
Strand 5 : NUTRITION (N) Standard 3.N.2:

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication


liping zheng


Students will create menus for a restaurants in small groups. The class will use them as a basis to order a healthy meal. Students need to know the difference between an "everyday food" and a "sometimes food." "Everyday foods" provide excellent fuel for the body to work efficiently and "sometimes foods" provide inferior fuel to the body. We CHOOSE what food to put into our bodies. When we choose healthy foods, our bodies work better and we live longer, stronger lives. If we select unhealthy foods to eat most of the time,our bodies will have trouble working efficiently and will place us at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease or stroke.


  • Eat A Rainbow: Health Food By Susan Temple Kesselring - Abdo Group - 2012 - Hardback - 32 pages - ISBN 1616418583
  • Posters of the current food guide and the menu from local restaurant
  • Worksheet of the food journal
  • paper
  • pencils
  • crayons

Background for Teachers

The book of Eat A Rainbow:Health food. Needs to have taught the current food guide to the class.

American Heart Association

Student Prior Knowledge

Students must be familiar with the current food guide. Students must know that food choices affect how they feel and how their bodies develop. Students can choose the right food when they are dinning out.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to make a menu for a fictitious restaurant that contains good food choices from each of the areas of the current food guide. Students will be able to select from a menu a healthy meal choice.

Instructional Procedures


  • food journal
    This is a website that students can visit at home and download it. Fill out every day for a week to turn in as a assignment.
  • food rainbow song
    Let the students watch it and trying to sing the song.

  1. The teacher will reading the book Eat A Rainbow:Health Food and explain to students along with the current food guide and health concept.Then Show the students the food rainbow song,and the teacher sing it with student together.
  2. Show the students the current food guide and start to ask questions about what kind of food belongs to which categories in the current food guide.
  3. Teacher will discuss with the class some ideas of food they would like to see on a menu at a restaurant. (keeping in mind the healthy food pyramid concept. The students with different ethnic background will be asked about what are they eatting at home, and share and analysis with the whole class.
  4. Teacher will divide the class into groups of 6 or 7 students.
  5. Each group creat a poster of the restaurant menu. They will name their restaurant and make it more attractive to customers. Students will identify the food items that will be on the menu. These will be named and have a brief description.The will price their dishes too on the menu.
  6. The groups will present their menus to the class. They will exchange menus with other groups and make a order.
  7. According to the current food guide concept, the group that contains the lower price and more healthy menu will be the winner.
  8. Watch the cartoon to help the students review the lesson.
  9. The teacher take the students to the computer room to teach the student log on the food journal website and print seven of it for a week assignment.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  1. The teacher can place the students with diversity background into each group and work as a team. The teacher will ask them what they alway eat at home. Share their food structure with the whole class.
  2. The high level students can add up their order and in charge of the drawing in the group. The low level students only need to learn what kind of the food are healthy and which are not.


Students could create their own restaurant menus. They could suggest ideas for their own school lunch. They could keep a food journal for a week. Collect menus from local restaurants to see how healthy the meals are and tally the costs.

Assessment Plan


  1. The teacher hand out the worksheet of the food journal to each student as a assignment.
  2. The students fill out the form every day for a week.
  3. The group menu poster will be graded by the teacher.



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Updated: 01/31/2020