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This is your brain. . .this is your brain on drugs.

Main Core Tie

Health Education I (7-8)

Time Frame

3 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Character
  • Social & Civic Responsibility


Jennifer Kennedy


Students will use the iPad to create a public service announcement on the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. They can use an app like iMovie to create the 30 second commercial.


Each group will need an iPad with a video camera and the iMovie or a similiar app. The teacher will need a projector capable of showing YouTube videos from either a desktop computer or via iPad.

Background for Teachers

The teacher should already be familiar with use, abuse, and misuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and how this affects individuals and communities. The teacher must also be familiar with the ipads to be used in the classroom, the iMovie app, and how to mirror the ipad screen to the classroom projector.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students will have an understanding of what use, abuse, and misuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco is. They will understand how misuse and abuse harms the body and mind.

Prior to this lesson, students will have conducted an interview with a person whose life was negatively impacted in some way because of substance abuse, helping them understand that substance abuse affects more than just the individual using the substances, and has a negative impact on family, friends, and society in general.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will see that substance abuse affects individuals, families, and society. They will learn to reach out and teach about the danger of substance abuse. They will take responsibility for their role in society and helping to reduce substance abuse.

Students will learn communication and interpersonal skills as they work as a group to complete this project.

Instructional Procedures

At the beginning of class, the teacher will show a few different public service announcements. The class will talk about what a public service announcement is, and how it is supposed to bring the public to awareness of a problem.

The teacher will explain that the students will make their own public service announcement about substance abuse.

The students will be put into small groups and given class time to make and edit their video. The students will use ipads with a video camera and use an app like iMovie to create and edit the 30 second commercial.

Once the videos are complete, each group will present their public service announcement to the class for all to see. Each group will present by mirroring the video from the iPad it was created on to the class projector. This can be done by connecting the iPad to the projector via a VGA to Dock cable. The students only need to show a video, so once the cable is connected to the iPad and projector, the iPad can be laid down, reducing the risk of the cord coming loose.

The student will then find the video they created and play it for everyone to see.


This lesson plan could work for a variety of subjects. A public service announcement could be made for environmental health, mental health, physical health (obesity), etc. Outside of health, this could be adapted to the students creating an instructional video or conducting and videoing an interview in any discipline.



Created: 10/02/2013
Updated: 01/17/2020