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Enzyme Bingo

Main Core Tie

Science - Biology
Standard 2 Objective 1

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size



Utah LessonPlans


Students will play bingo by asking and answering questions and marking spaces on their game board about standard 2 objective 1.



Student Prior Knowledge

Student understand important vocabulary words from the unit .

Instructional Procedures

  1. Pass out student sheets.
  2. Have students choose 16 vocabulary words and fill them in on their boards.
  3. Tell students to tear up 16 small piece of scratch paper to act as game board markers.
  4. Ask students questions and do not tell them the answers, they must mark the correct space on their board. Ex. A biological catalyst.
  5. Repeat several times, you may want to allow students to create and ask the questions.

Assessment Plan

Sample Scoring guide:

Student participates...................Full credit


Lesson Design by Jordan School District Teachers and Staff.

Created: 11/17/2014
Updated: 02/02/2018