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Create a Book (Grade 3-6)

Main Core Tie

Elementary Library Media (K-5)
Strand 2 Standard 3

Additional Core Ties

Elementary Library Media (K-5)
Strand 2 Standard 4

English Language Arts Grade 3
Reading: Literature Standard 2

Time Frame

4 class periods of 15 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

Thinking & Reasoning


Amy Hanson
Gina Nicholes


Students will pick out the main theme for the book and discuss the elements used to make up the story. They will use the iPad App Story Creator to illustrate and write their own story. They will be learning how to take a paper illustration and put it into a digital story and add their own text. This can be adapted to 4-6 grades.



  • The Last Stop on Market Street a book by Matt de la Pena
  • Set of 10 iPads for student use
  • Computer & Projector for googlemap virtual field trip
  • Paper, crayons, and pencils for illustration and writing of their story

Background for Teachers

Teachers will need to know how to navigate using Google Maps Earth & Street view. They will need to know the elements of story, plot, characters, setting and theme of the book The Last Stop On Market Street. They will need to have the app Story Creator on the iPads and have a working knowledge of it.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students will need to be able to navigate on an iPad as instructed. They will need a basic concept of how to identify the theme of a story, point of view, the main characters, and describe the plot and setting. They need to know the difference between an author and illustrator and recognize their roles and tools in telling the story. Students should understand how pictures convey meaning through shape, space, color, line, medium, perspective and composition.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to identify the main elements of a story and the tools used. They will learn the roles of author and illustrator and how they collaborate to create a story. By the end of the lesson they will have created and published their own digital story.

Instructional Procedures

  1. 15 min.
    Library Media Specialist will take the students on a virtual tour of Market Street in New York.
  2. Discuss what it might be like to live there and how it is different from where we live. Talk about it being the setting for the book The Last Stop On Market Street.
  3. Read the book The Last Stop On Market Street.
  4. 15 min
    Review the parts of the story: Theme, plot, characters, setting, and point of view. Describe how the text and the illustrations work together to tell the story.
  5. Divide students into small groups and have them begin brainstorming their own stories about a place they would like to visit.
  6. 15 min
    Give the groups pencil, paper, and crayons and have them begin to illustrate and write their stories.
  7. 15 min
    Have students use the "Story Creator" app to photograph their illustrations and type in their texts to complete their stories.
  8. Share select stories as time permits.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

When looking at the map of New York City, allow students to choose which direction they will go on Market Street and try to pick out different places of interest. Allow them to share stories of things they have discovered along their own street.


Library Media Specialist: Time can be added to give more students time to share their work.

Teachers: Teachers can allow students additional time to work on their stories in class to help them create a finished product within the allotted media time.

Assessment Plan

Assessments will be made by looking at the finished products of each student. It will show an understanding of whether or not they have a solid foundation of the essential parts of a story as well as how to transfer it to a digital format.


  • Googlemaps
  • Create-A-Book iPad App
  • Book- The Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena

Created: 12/20/2017
Updated: 02/05/2018