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NearPod Incorporation

Main Core Tie

Health Education I (7-8)


Nicole Patty


Students will use Nearbpod on an individual iPad to examine various mental illnesses, explain how they effect society, identify symptoms, treatment options, and analyze the importance of early intervention and treatment. (Discussion questions, video clips, and polls will be utilized).


iPads for each student (1:1) ratio, if not available, students could work in pairs.

Background for Teachers

NearPod presentation on Mental Illness will be created for the teacher device and then shared with the class via a code. The Presentation will be in the form of a powerpoint, but will include polls and discussion questions for students to answer on their own device as the teacher guides them through the lesson. The teacher will mirror the iPad through the projector on the main screen so students can follow along on their own screen.At the end there will be a review quiz.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students examine various mental illnesses, explain how they effect society by giving at least 5 examples, identify symptoms of each illness discussed, various treatment options, and analyze the importance of early intervention and treatment. Students will also be able to list 10 strategies that enhance mental and emotional health.

Instructional Procedures

Teacher will secure iPad lab with NearPod app installed.

Teacher will guide students as a class through the NearPod lesson.

Teacher will project the NearPod presentation to the screen so students could follow along.

Each illness will follow the same pattern: Introduction, symptoms/signs, and a video clip regarding the illness.

Mini quizzes and short polls are distributed throughout the presentation to go from individual study to class study and discussion.

Class presentation and activity will take all class period.

The last 5 minutes will be spent with an exit quiz (also on NearPod).

Strategies for Diverse Learners

504/IEP students - pair with a helpful student to assist and provided a guided notes worksheet to go along with the presentation.

ALPS (gifted and talented) - extra illnesses will be added for gifted students. Students will be required to learn about a certain number of illnesses and those who are G&T will have the option of selecting the illnesses to learn about.


More illnesses to learn about. Allow students to conduct some research on an illness they find interesting. Create a pamphlet about a mental illness or an awareness flier regarding mental illness.

Assessment Plan


  • Mental_Health_Quiz.docx
    3 sets of quiz questions for mental disorders and then a reflection question at the end of the lesson.

At the end of each mental illness section in the presentation, there will be a simple 5 question quiz. At the end of the lesson there will be a reflection question where students write an answer to the prompt.

  1. How can we decrease the social stigma surrounding mental illnesses?
  2. Why is it important for those suffering with a mental illness to receive early treatment and intervention?
  3. What can you do to help someone if you think they have a mental illness?
  4. What are some positive changes you can make in your life that will help your mental state of health?
  5. What is the most important item you took away from this lesson? Why? Discussion will ensue once students answer.

Created: 09/12/2016
Updated: 01/22/2020