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Audioboom Lesson

Main Core Tie

Health Education - 6th Grade
Strand 5: NUTRITION (N)

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills



Chelsey Furniss


Students will be able to use Audioboom podcasting app to record their daily eating choices for our Nutrition Unit.


  • 1 iPad for small groups of 7

Background for Teachers

Teacher must know about Nutrition and have facts and information.

Student Prior Knowledge

Students will have completed the unit on Nutrition

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to track their food choices and then use the iPad to be able to do a podcast their choices. Students will have a great knowledge of nutrition.

Instructional Procedures

  1. This is the final project for Nutrition Unit.
  2. Students will learn the basics of iPad and the app of Audio Boom
  3. Students will record their daily food choices of the previous day on a podcast.
  4. After each student is finished, they will pass the iPad to a different student so they can record their daily food choices.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Any students that struggle with technology or have special needs will be paired with another student to help them. I will also be walking around the room helping any students that need help.

Assessment Plan

After each day of class, I will have "Exit cards" about proper iPad rules and questions about the audio boom app.

Created: 09/12/2016
Updated: 02/06/2020