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Do You Know Dewey (3rd Grade)

Main Core Tie

Elementary Library Media (K-5)
Strand 3 Standard 2

Time Frame

2 class periods of 30 minutes each


DaNae Leu


An overview of how the Dewey system is designed. The types of content found in the ten categories. Followed by an assessment quiz-game.


Week one: Do you Know Dewey PowerPoint.

Week two: Small white boards and markers for each student and the Dewey Quiz Power Point loaded onto a computer attached to a projector.

Background for Teachers

An understanding of the Dewey classification system, particularly as it relates to your specific collection. Brief Biographical knowledge of Melvil Dewey.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Third graders will get a brief understanding of how books are classified in the Dewey Decimal system. They will understand that like books will be grouped together on these shelves.

Instructional Procedures

Preparation: Have the projector with power point ready to go and students situated so they can see the screen.

Make sure each of them has a white board and a marker. This should follow on the tails of some sort of information about the Dewey system.

Week One: Use the Do You Know Dewey PowerPoint to explain the basics of the Dewey Classification system. Covers of books from your own collection can be substituted.

Week Two: Use the Dewey Quiz PowerPoint to review the previous weeks information.

Procedures: I tell my kids they can keep track of their points in the corner of their board. The score means nothing. The points are entirely arbitrary. For most of the students it adds a level of commitment that may not be there otherwise. (I think I give one point for getting Dewey's last name and a bonus 100 for his first.) Display the question and have them use the mini white boards to write their answer. I have them hold the board toward their chest and ask them to reveal all at once. The PowerPoint can adapted with different questions

The final portion is a game. There are 20 different subjects listed, which can be found in a certain classification. Allow one minute to study the list. Click to cover the subjects up. Allow about one minute for them to write as many of the subjects as they can remember. Only 10 will be uncovered. They get a point for each match. The subjects and be changed to match your collection.

Conclusion: Reinforce the idea that each number stands for a certain subject. Memorizing what each number represents shouldn't be necessary, but they should have a general understanding of the process. It doesn't hurt to know the numbers of their favorite subjects for quick access.

Created: 06/05/2017
Updated: 02/03/2018