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Using Destiny Quest (4-5)

Main Core Tie

Elementary Library Media (K-5)
Strand 3 Standard 2

Time Frame

1 class periods of 30 minutes each


DaNae Leu


Instruction on using the Destiny Quest feature in the Follett Destiny Library Managing Software system. This helps student be more autonomous in holding books, recommending books to peers, reviewing and rating titles, and researching their next read.


Computer attached to projector. Homework sheet. Student computers if possible.

Background for Teachers

Ensure that you've configured your system to allow students access to Quest once they've logged in. Understand how your district has set-up student's personal login.

Create a dummy student for you to use as an example. (Mine is named Bogus Pretend. He has the same access as my students.)

Student Prior Knowledge

Students should know their username and password.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to login and navigate the Quest feature in Destiny. They will have the ability to place holds, recommend titles to peers, comment and review books and use the various search helps to find similar books to ones they have enjoyed.

Instructional Procedures


  • Welcome_to_Destiny_Quest.docx
    A homework sheet that can go home to allow students to practice the elements demonstrated in the discussion. I've highlighted portions that are specific to my school and district.

Before the beginning: Make sure your students have access to Quest. Under patron access levels: (Check other boxes if you wish, but these two must be set for Quest to open upon login.)

  1. Make up a demo student: In the back office, under Manage Patrons click on New Patron. Give him a name (Mine's Bogus Pretend). Make sure he is set as a Student and has the access level of Patron. Give him a User Name and Password.

  2. Make up a worksheet that the students can use to practice at home. (I've attached mine. Feel free to improve on it.)
Set-up: Set up a projector with a computer with Destiny pulled-up on the screen. I don't, but you may have enough computers to sit kids in front of them. I found it effective having them watch me and then sending home the worksheet for practical use.


Before logging in do a quick reminder of how to look up a material in basic Destiny. Explain that you will demonstrate a method of using the program that will allow them to place holds, review books, and share information with their friends.

  1. Show your students how to login.
  2. Show them what is available in MyQuest.
    • We begin with the friend's option. I choose on kid in the class for Bogus to friend and show them how easy it is. I explain that when they login in friend requests will be in their inbox. They just need to click on the checkmark. (This can be a bit sticky, I ask them to accept any friend request that comes their way. Quest is used to share book ideas and that is it. There is no one in the school they wouldn't talk about books with.)
    • Briefly show them the inbox and update. If they have never been before, it may be empty.
    • Show the three shelving options
  3. Switch from MyQuest to Quest Home at the top.
    • Briefly talk about what is available on the home page and how they can take advantage of it. Show them how to change their background.
    • Now it is time to do a book search. Ask for a title and type it in the find field. Click on the book and open the pop-up window.
  4. Show How:
    • To put it on hold
    • Add to a list
    • Recommend to a friend
    • Write a review
    • And check other information.
  5. End by quickly showing the My Info boxes.

Created: 06/05/2017
Updated: 02/04/2018