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Child Abuse

Main Core Tie

Adult Roles And Responsibilities
Strand 5 Standard 4

Additional Core Ties

Child Development
Strand 6 Standard 2




It is important to tell someone that abuse has occurred. If the first person does not listen or care about what you have said, keep trying until you find someone who does. Telling about your experience is the only way to stop abuse. It is important for people of all ages to realize where their coping threshold is. It is important to have positive alternatives for dealing with stressful situations.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Define abuse, what constitutes abuse, and differentiate between the types of abuse.
  2. Identify the three major components of child abuse.
  3. Identify methods which help prevent, or cope with abuse.
  4. List signs of abuse.
  5. Discuss abuse prevention techniques.

Instructional Procedures



You may follow teacher instructions in the attachment child Abuse LP. all othe attachments are to give you the basic information about child abuse. You may use the powerpoint as a lecture guide. The websites will also provide more information about child abuse if desired.


Utah Curriculum Guide

Created: 05/02/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018