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IPad Health Lesson

Main Core Tie

Health Education II (9-12)
Strand 5: NUTRITION (N) Standard HII.N.2


Lacy Nielson


Students will develop a healthy weight management plan by using the iPad as a way to manage intake and outtake of calories/nutrients. They will also track their exercise and calories burned throughout the day.

Background for Teachers


  • Apple
    MyFitnessPal app description

The iPads will be used on a daily basis by the teacher and students. The app, MyFitnessPal, which is free, will be used on every iPad and each student will have an account.

Students will record all exercise and food intake (nutrients, calories, etc.) to this app, which will then create graphs and end of the day results. If students choose to use their iPhone, the app can be downloaded there instead.

After a 2-3 days of recording, students will use the app to set goals to align with the weight management and nutrition/exercise strategies they are being taught during class. The iPads will mostly be used outside of class to record, and then at the beginning of class every day to analyze previous data.

I will mirror my iPad to the AirPlay projector in order to explain everything before they are handed out the assignments. At the end of the unit, graphs and data will be displayed based on lifestyle changes and/or goals met. Students will use Prezi or Haiku Deck to display the information to all students.

Intended Learning Outcomes

As a result of this lesson, students will be able to correctly track caloric content as well as nutritional value of foods they are eating. They will then be able to compare this to energy expenditure and understand how they affect body weight. They will also understand what a healthy body image is at the end of the lesson.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Basic lecture/class discussion about nutrition and exercise vocabulary.
  2. Teacher explains the importance of a healthy body (what a healthy body image is) and the difference between intake and outake. Teacher assigns students to go back to the beginning of the day and write down everything they have eaten and all of the exercise they have done.
  3. Teacher mirrors iPad on projector and demonstrates how to use the MyFitnessPal app. Students each get their own iPad or phone if they choose and download the app. Students then take their notes they have taken earlier and plug them into their iPad. Students are then assigned to record all food eaten and exercise participated in for the next 2 days. **After two days, the students would then have class activities where they discussed and came up with varying exercises and compared them to caloric content of foods. They would understand which foods are good and bad, as well as what kind of exercises are most effective in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Students would set goals, track their caloric content for 3 more days, and asses their improvements or difficulties. A lot of discussion would be placed on what a healthy body image is throughout the lessons taught.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

A good way to challenge a gifted student would be for them to come up with foods that help the body meet their needs for protein and carbohydrates. They could then make a list of these foods and the needed amounts to maintain a healthy body. Students would be given a handout based on what this student/students came up with in order to help them meet their goals.

Assessment Plan

Student performance will be assessed through a final presentation given to the class and teacher. The presentation will include analyzing their previous lifestyle habits, creating goals to improve those habits, and how well they accomplished achieving their goals. They will also be evaluated on presentation/communication skills during the project and final presentation.


Created: 09/20/2017
Updated: 01/17/2020