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Clue in on Color

Main Core Tie

Fashion Design Studio
Strand 2 Standard 1

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each


Amber Williams


This lesson focuses on how color affects moods and feelings. The use of music, dress changes, food, and a Power Point presentation make this lesson a fun one to teach.


  • Illusion picture (something that appears differently when you look at from a different angle).
  • Blue, red, yellow, green, black, white T-shirts (layered over each other in the order listed.
  • Package of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla wafer (waffle) cookies.
  • Package of Starburst jelly beans.
  • Clue in on Color Powerpoint.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn and experience how color effects the way we feel in the spaces we live and work in.

Instructional Procedures


Before starting, have students view any one of the illusion pictures. After viewing, discuss how with new perspectives we often look at things differently. As we talk about color, the students will recognize how color affects everything that is around us because we will learn to look at color from a different perspective.

1. The teacher needs to be wearing the following shirts in this order (blue, red, yellow, green, black, and white)

2. Introduce to students that we will be discussing how color can affect our moods, and feelings. Color is a powerful tool that can be used to our advantage if we understand the psychological and physiological aspects behind color theory. Color effects temperature, energy-fatigue, stress level, taste, visual perception, eyesight, temperament, our life!

People have two responses to color.

  • Physical (sensory)
  • Learned- socio-economic, ethnicity, gender,regional (cultural/family)

3. Ask for 5-6 volunteers. Have each volunteer close their eyes. Offer each volunteer a different colored wafer. The volunteer should eat the wafer and tell you what flavor they had. After they tell you, tell them what color (flavor) they had. After this experiment is over, tell the students that all the colors are the same flavor (vanilla). But the color affected how the volunteers tasted, even though they did not see the cookie when it was given to them.

Next ask for 5-6 more volunteers. Tell the volunteers what flavors they will have a choice from in choosing after they taste their jelly bean. Give each volunteer a jelly bean. Have them tell you which flavor they have. These jelly beans correlate directly with the flavor. Talk about how color can effect our senses.

4. What is your color personality? This is a fun activity to introduce how color affects our personalities/moods.

Ask several students what their favorite color is, and see if the description is somewhat accurate of some of their dominate traits.

Explain: While there is a lot of validity to moods and psychological effects created by the colors used in a room, psychologists are still studying color preferences and personalities. Below are some personality descriptions based on color preferences. While this list should not be taken too seriously, it is fun to consider.


If your favorite color is pink, you are probably laid back and carefree. You may be somewhat sheltered and innocent, or you may wish you were. Words that describe you are shy, romantic, and feminine. You are gentle, almost to the point of being weak. You have a calming effect on those around you and people who need a friend seek you out.


If your favorite color is red, you want to be part of the action and are quite impulsive. Outspoken, quick-tempered, and intense are words that describe your personality. In a crowd you are dynamic and noticeable. If you are not careful you can become overbearing. You are emotional, exciting, and athletic. You give your opinion whether others will agree with you or not. Life for you must be lived to the fullest.


If you favorite color is yellow, you are intellectual and drawn toward the new and modern. High spirited, cheerful, and idealistic best describe your personality. You are vivacious, extroverted, and comedic. You have strong opinions and can be stubborn. You live by high standards and give sound advice.


If your favorite color is orange, you are unique. You are friendly and get along well with others. You radiate warmth and inspire those you are with. You tend to be social and are drawn to groups of people. You are the hearth of the home and grateful for family and friends.


If blue is your favorite color, you are cautious, conservative, and sensitive to the needs of others. Your basic need for harmony often thrusts you into the roll of peacemaker. Words that best describe you are business-like, calm, and capable. You are a loyal, trustworthy friend, but expressing your emotions in a relationship is hard for you.


If your favorite color is green, you are fresh, friendly, and natural. You are persistent, well balanced, and stable. The environment is important in your life and you like things basic to the point of being simple. As a friend you are frank, sensitive, affectionate, and loyal.


If your favorite color is blue/green, you are sensitive and need loving care and adoration from others, but you maintain your independence. Showing emotion is difficult for you and others perceive you as self-centered. You have an excellent taste and a mature outlook.


If you like purple, you are creative! You consider yourself unique and set yourself apart from others. You are an artist at heart. Scheduling and mundane tasks bore you. You can frequently be found daydreaming and would actually prefer fantasy of reality. While you seek cultural events and luxury, you do not put yourself out to serve humanity. Many inventors claim purple as their favorite color.


If you like brown, you are likely to be seen as stable and unchanging. You are self-disciplined, conscientious, and dependable. You like the rugged outdoors and the ultra natural. You are warm, comfortable, intimate, and accepting.


If you like black, you are sophisticated, mysterious, and dramatic. You are dignified and keep to yourself. You may be unhappy with how things are, but aren't quite certain you can change existing circumstances. A young child who chooses black exclusively may be depressed.


If you like white, you expect to be happy most the time. Your personality is light, good, and pure. You have a sense of innocence about you. You seek perfection and expect others to do the same, which sometimes make you appear cold.

5. Prepare music ahead of time. Present power point. You will change your shirt as you advance each slide.

6. Have Fun!

Created: 05/23/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018