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Abbreviations, Substitutions, Equivalents, Cooking Term

Main Core Tie

Food And Nutrition
Strand 2 Standard 2

Additional Core Ties

Food And Nutrition
Strand 2 Standard 3

Food And Nutrition
Strand 2 Standard 4

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size





Review abbreviations of words used in recipes, acceptable substitutions of foods in recipes, standard equivalents of measurements and correct terminology of cooking terms through the use of written assignments using handouts and cookbooks as resources.


You will need copies of the handouts that you are going to use for this lesson. Attached are handouts and assignment sheets for ideas or resources. You can adapt them in crossword puzzles, etc. Cookbooks for reference in locating and finding the answers for the Emergency Substitutions in recipes. A plain piece of colored paper for the student to make their own CHEAT SHEET for review.

Background for Teachers

Be familiar with common Abbreviations, Equivalents, Oven Temperatures, Substitutions, Tests for Doneness, Cooking Terms as used in reading and following recipes.

Student Prior Knowledge

Awareness of common abbreviations, equivalents, substitutions, cooking terms, oven temperatures, and tests for doneness in reading and following a recipe.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The students will be able to identify from reading and preparing recipes or written assignments the common abbreviations, food preparation and measurement terminology, equivalents, and substitutions used in recipes.

Instructional Procedures

The student is handed out several papers to complete during the class period and corrected at the end of class. Students can work together or by themselves.

Students may need textbook or cookbook help in completing information correctly.

Together read the instructions completely and go over each paper.

Home Assignment:

Assign the students to complete the assignment at home by reading and following the directions as given. The student needs to clean up the kitchen upon completion and turn in one sample cookie with the bottom part of the paper signed by a parent or guardian for credit.
When due, compare all of the cookies together to see if they all look alike in color, size, shape, etc. and if they followed the recipe correctly. Open for class discussion.

Basic Cooking Terms - Match the correct definition with the term by placing the letter in the appropriate blank by the number.

Abbreviations Used in Recipes - a reference sheet to help complete answers.

Abbreviations and Food Weights and Measures Worksheet - Complete worksheet using information found in class, textbooks, handouts, etc.

Cheat Sheet for Equivalents - Have students fold a blank sheet of paper and fill in the information as identified in attachment to learn the equivalents with a hands-on resource.

Substitutions - Students will need to find in a cookbook under special helps or back cover the Emergency Substitutions to complete.


Cheat Sheet from Connie Bott - Vocational Conference 2002

Created: 06/12/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018