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Abuse and Neglect

Main Core Tie

Child Development
Strand 6 Standard 2

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility


Utah LessonPlans
Marilee Webb


The use of a guest speaker as well as other simple activities will teach the students how to identify and report child abuse.




•Whatever the guest speaker brings •Copies of articles and worksheet

Background for Teachers

This lesson should be planned at least 1-2 months in advance if you are trying to get a guest speaker.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After this period, students will identify the types of child abuse, how it occurs, and how to report it, according to the stories and experiences of a guest speaker.

Instructional Procedures

• Guest Speaker: I think this can be a very good use of time for the students and a change of pace. There are many resources that can be used in talking about abuse. For information on guest speakers and where to go to get one, see the lesson plan attachment as well as attached websites.

• Info that must be covered:

1. Types of Abuse (sexual, physical, verbal, emotional)--what they are, and how often they occur and what to watch for, especially in children

2. Physical and emotional neglect--I think this one isn't touched on a lot, but still very important

3. Identification responsibility and documentation--when are you responsible to report abuse, when should you or shouldn't you? What if it is a family member?

4. Reporting Procedures for abuse and neglect--Who do you contact and how. Do you have to have documentation or any specific info? What if you are being abused or neglected?

5. Identify local resources available for parent and/or child assistance--it is interesting to hear about the different possibilities there are for protection.

• At the end, if there is extra time, I have articles printed up from the newspaper (see the attached website). They will work in a group of 4 and go through and fill out the worksheet attached. If there is no time left, I will use these articles as extra credit activities.

Assessment Plan

This will be done at the end of class if the speaker is finished, or the following day at the beginning of class. (just an oral quiz on the types and effects of abuse and what to do to report it)


See attached websites and lesson plan information

Created: 06/23/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018