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Color Review Bingo

Main Core Tie

Interior Design 1
Strand 4 Standard 1

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

Thinking & Reasoning




This activity provides students with an entertaining yet challenging method of review before the test on the color unit.


  • overhead projector
  • color review word list transparency
  • color review bingo definitions
  • some sort of treat or reward system

Background for Teachers

Please be familiar with the definitions on the attached word list. Feel free to change the words according to what your students would be familiar with.

Student Prior Knowledge

Whatever knowledge you go over in the bingo game should be knowledge that the students have already learned in this unit--this activity should act as a review, so nothing new should be introduced.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students should come away from this lesson feeling comfortable with the information that will be on the test for this unit. If they knew what you were talking about as the game was played, then they should feel comfortable taking the test. If they had no idea what the meaning of many of the terms were, then that is an indication that they should study.

Instructional Procedures

Have students take out a blank sheet of paper. On that sheet of paper have students draw a bingo card--5 columns across and 5 rows down. They need to make sure that they only have 25 squares. A good way to make sure they have done it correctly is if they have a FREE space right in the center. If the FREE space is there, then they should be set. Once they have drawn their card, put the word list up on the overhead projector and have students fill in their bingo card with the terms on the transparency. They should only use each word once and they don't have to use all the words. This should take about 10 minutes. Remind them that this should be used as a review, so if they only choose the words that they are familiar with, that probably is not the most effective review.

Once the cards are completed with their chosen terms, decide upon a universal way to mark the boxes (an X in the upper right hand corner this round and then a circle in the upper left hand corner next round, etc...). Once everyone is clear with how to mark the word, tell students that you will be reading the definition of the terms and they will need to know which term it is that you are referring to. If the term is on their card, they should mark it, and when they get five terms in a row, they should call out BINGO. If they call out BINGO, go through the terms that they have marked, checking it with your list to make sure they are correct. Give some kind of an appropriate reward for a BINGO winner. You can make the game last as long as you wish by limiting the number of winners, and rounds that you play. A good "blackout" round at the end gives the students a chance to trash their card and gives you the opportunity to make sure that every term has been reviewed.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

A list of the definitions could be given to the struggling student as a study guide during this activity, but a way to ensure that other students didn't use that guide during the game would have to be figured out.


This bingo review could be used at any time with any unit to review terms for a test.

Assessment Plan

If it is necessary that students receive points for this activity, participation points could be earned for merely playing the game and staying on task.


USOE Curriculum Guide

Created: 07/19/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018