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Double-Crusted Pie Lab

Main Core Tie

Dietetics and Nutrition 1
Strand 4

Time Frame

1 class periods of 90 minutes each

Group Size





A lab experience with students preparing their own double-crusted pies individually with their own fruit that they have brought from home thickening it with tapioca, flour or cornstarch, assembling it by applying the techniques of pie making to take home to share with their family.



Pie recipes

Ingredients needed for lab:

Teacher will provide flour, salt, shortening, water and ice for each student to individually prepare his own double-crusted pie.

The students will provide their own fruit to thicken, but you may need to provide butter, red food coloring, almond extract, tapioca, lemon juice, etc. depending on what they indicated from the time before.

The students are to bring their own pie plates and containers to take their pies home in. If a student forgets to bring a pie plate, I usually purchase a few aluminum foil pie plates and sell them to the students.

The container is helpful for carrying their pie home especially if it is HOT and they need to leave.

Equipment that may not be in individual units:

pastry cloths
pastry blenders
lattice wheel for design

Background for Teachers

The teacher needs to have a basic understanding of the techniques and skills in preparing double-crusted pies using fresh, frozen or canned fruit that can be thickened with either tapioca, flour or cornstarch.

Student Prior Knowledge

The student needs to know how to prepare a double crusted pie using fresh, canned or frozen fruit that needs to be thickened using tapioca, flour or cornstarch.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The students will individually practice the techniques and skills learned in preparing a double crusted pie using fresh, canned or frozen fruit that needs to be thickened with tapioca, flour or cornstarch.

Instructional Procedures

The students will need as much time as possible to complete this lab to individually prepare their own double crusted pie and get it baked and out of the oven before the end of class and to clean up before leaving.

Have the students tell you if they are prepared with their own fruit to thicken and with their own pie plate. I give 50 points for being prepared and for the lab. If they bring instant pie filling, I only give them 25 points as they are suppose to learn how to thicken the fruit and follow directions.

It will be the student's responsibility to individually prepare their own pie in class without helping each other. No working together. They need to clean up after themselves and be responsible to take their pie home.

They must double the standard pie crust recipe. Prepare their own filling.

If the student is making fresh apple, they should come to class with the apples already peeled and sliced with its thickening already on it ready to put in the pie crust.

Hopefully, they will get the pies in and out of the oven before class is over. Pies should then be placed in a specific place and labeled until picked up later in the day. They can come in later in the day or after school as long as they don't interrupt the other classes.

If any pies are still in the oven at the end of the hour, make sure the student has a paper identifying their name, type of pie, location of pie and time it will be done placed on top of the stove so it can be removed and their timer set to let the teacher know a pie is still in the oven.

Students may need to adjust the oven temperature to a higher temperature to get the pies done by the end of the hour.

They can put aluminum foil around edges to prevent excessive browning.

When the student comes into the room to get their pie, make sure they clean up after themselves (any spills or crumbs) and be sure they take their pie they made.

If the student has time, they can prepare cinnamon tarts with the leftover dough if there is oven space and it won't interfere with the baking of the pies. Otherwise, throw it away. No throwing of pie dough.

Students may want to spread out and work in an empty unit to give them more room. Students will get credit for doing the assignment in class only, not at home. NO MAKEUP.

Because this lab is so hectic and sometimes the students don't clean up as they should. Make sure they leave the room cleaner than when they arrived.

The students will be very proud of their accomplishments and will want to show off their pies to their friends.

Reminder: the pie test is next class and their extra credit pie home assignment is due next time.

Created: 07/24/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018