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K - Act. 10: My Family is Important

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - Kindergarten
Standard 1 Objective 2


Utah LessonPlans


This lesson plan will help students understand that they are important members of their own family.



Surprise Box-Parent Involvement

  • lunch box
  • copies of the parent note

Family Quilts

  • bounty paper towels
  • a box of (4) food coloring
  • four small plastic tubs of water (Coolwhip size)
  • yarn
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • glue gun with glue

My Family and My Place in My Family

  • colored,cut straws (pink, blue (larger) and plain or white with stripes (smaller))
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • (dyed noodles could also be used)

Working Together = More, Ice Cream Cones

  • large brown and white construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • red, yellow, and blue finger paint

Additional Resources:

Friendship & Teamwork:

Friends by Helme Heine
The Trouble with Friends by Stan & Jan Berenstain
Just Schoolin' Around Saved by the Ball by Peter Malony (teamwork & friendship)
Swimmy by Leo Leonni (working together)
A Color of His Own by Leo Leonni

Self & Change:

Just the Way You Are by Marcus Phister
Neeny Coming, Neeny Going by Karen English (Change)
Picture Me Grown Up

Lunch Box:

I Need a Lunch Box by Jeannette Caines

Quilts-Letter Q:

Easy Literature Based Quilts Around the World by
The Quilt Makers Gift by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken

Teacher Resources:

Easy And Effective Ways To Communicate With Parents (Scholastic)

Background for Teachers

Children need to know that they are important members of their own family, which will give them a strong sense of belonging.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Intended Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate a positive learning attitude.
2. Demonstrate social skills and ethical responsibilities.
5. Understand and use basic concepts and skills.
6. Communicate clearly in oral, artistic, written and nonverbal form.

Process Skills
Symbolization, observation, description, classification, problem solving

Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn
Surprise Box-Parent involvement (cognitive skills and long and short term memory):

  1. The teacher will read I Need a Lunch Box by Jeannette Caines
  2. The teacher will copy the handout (given at this workshop) and attach the copy to a lunch box (vinyl with a pocket is best) to be sent home with a child each day.
  3. When the surprise box is returned to school, the child who returned the lunch box joins the teacher at the front of the class. The teacher reads the clues and the child calls on other children (who have their hand raised) to guess the answer.
  4. At the end of each week, all the clues are read, one at a time, and the children guess the answers, again.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Family Quilts: Read the book The Quilt Makers Gift. The students will make a quilt block representing each member of their family and then glue the blocks in a pattern to make their family quilt. Bounty paper towels are pulled apart and cut into fourths and folded corner to corner to form a triangle, or across and across to form a square. The tips of the paper towels are dipped into a tub of water with food coloring mixed in. The squares are opened and dried and then glued onto squares of colored construction paper (cut just larger than the paper towel squares). Yarn is cut and tied into knots and placed at the corner of the squares with a hot glue gun. The blocks are glued to a different color of construction paper in a pattern and the paper is cut to fit the pattern (recruit helpers).
  2. My family and my place in my family: "Family Necklaces" and "We kids" bracelets: Order and patterns-String the cut straws with yarn placing filler straws on both ends. In the center place in order the pink straws to represent female members of the family and blue straws to represent male members of the family, of each child's family.
  3. Working together = More, Ice Cream Cones: Read the book Swimmy. Discuss ideas of how people work together to reach common goals-mixing primary colors to get secondary colors. Cut large, long triangles from the brown construction paper, and an ice cream scoop shape from the large white construction paper. Have the students draw shapes (triangles, squares, circles) on their cone with crayons. Draw three large circles in a triangle shape, with three smaller circles in between, on the white ice cream scoop shape paper. Have the students finger paint the primary colors in the large circles (one at a time) as they mix the colors to form the secondary colors.



Family Connections
Family Traveling Books: Parent Connection (copy handout, given at this workshop). Have the children make a book of "My Family" for the letter "F." Each child draws a picture of his or her family on a piece of paper, the pages are bound together to form a book and then sent home with a different child each day, until the book has been seen by every family (Art, Integrated Core, and Writing).


  • canvas (or a plastic Ziploc) bag
  • paper
  • colored pencils
  • form of binding
  • copies of the parent note

Assessment Plan

Observe students who are working well with others. Give them "Good Job" coupons, which will reinforce this behavior, and provide this positive modeling for others.

Created: 08/05/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018