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Our Solar System and its Nine Planets

Time Frame

1 class periods of 70 minutes each

Group Size



Jessica Duncan


Students will learn about the nine planets in the solar system and compare them by size, composition and distance from the sun. Students will participate in a power point presentation on the nine planets. The presentation will give them the knowledge to fill out a worksheet that helps to classify the nine planets.


Our solar systems nine planets worksheet. (attached) Power Point Presentation (attached) Power Point equipment

Background for Teachers

The teacher will need to have a knowledge of the nine planets and be able to compare them to each other

Student Prior Knowledge

The student should have a knowledge of what the solar system is.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The intended outcome of this lesson is to teach the students about the nine planets and help them be able to compare and contrast the different planets in the solar system

Instructional Procedures

The lesson will start by the teacher talking about the solar system and its components. Then the teacher will pass out the worksheet (attached) and discuss what the student will be using it for. The worksheet is to keep track of the different classifying information for each planet. This will help the student be able to see the differences between the planets and compare them. Then the teacher will use the power point presentation (attatched) to go through each planet as a class and talk about the different planets. The students will fill out the work sheets during the presentation. At the end of the presentation is an acronym for "mvemjsunp" which stands for "My very energetic mom just sat under nine planets" This will help the students remember the first letter of each planet going from the closest to the farthest from the sun. The teacher will talk to the students about how this can help them remember the planets in order. At the end the teacher my pass out a short quiz to see what the students have learned

Strategies for Diverse Learners

For diverse students that may have a hard time paying attention or may have a hard time working on their own they would be paired with another student so they could work as a pair.


Assessment Plan

A small matching quiz will be given at the end of the class to assess how much the students have learned. (attached)

Bibliography Science Lesson Plans - Grades 6-7 Title - My Very Energetic Mom Just Served Us Nine Planets? By - Floyd Lark


Created: 11/01/2003
Updated: 02/03/2018