Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Video Series

Every month, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium will explore thought-provoking questions, amazing animals, weird science, investigations of our local environments, and more.

Every video includes:

  • a special emphasis on Utah-based science - we’ll showcase science where you live!
  • topics aligned to the current Utah State Science Core Standards.
  • questions that will encourage students to think about phenomena.
  • opportunities for discussion and exploration with your students.


Most Dangerous Animal in the Shark Tank
Sharks are clearly the most dangerous animals in our shark tank, right? Watch and find out if that’s really the case.

Small Cat, Big Bite
Lions and tigers are big cats, and so are their teeth. But where does the Clouded Leopard stack up? Find out more about this adorably fierce cat in our newest episode of Expedition: Living Planet!

Super Duper Poopers
Everybody poops. But no one poops quite like the animals you'd find at the aquarium. Check out some gross, yet amazing ways our animals do their business. And see why it can be good for the environment!

How Do Sharks Hunt?
All sharks are fish-seeking torpedoes that chase down their prey…or are they? Find out in our newest episode of Expedition: Living Planet!

What's for Breakfast at the Aquarium?
The Aquarium specials today include fruit, a selection of raw fish, and a side of live insects. Sounds tasty, right? Our animals eat a lot of food, and some of it may not be very appetizing to human taste buds. But how is it all prepared? Join us in our kitchen to discover how it’s done.

Colorblind Masters of Camouflage
Many animals use camouflage to hide, but few are as skilled as the cuttlefish. However, this expert of disguise is color blind! Just how do they do it? Check out how this this adorable creature blends in masterfully with its surroundings.

What's the Most Venomous Animal at the Aquarium?
Many animals use venom as a defense or as a way to catch their food. But whose toxicity reigns supreme? Check out who is the most venomous at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

How to Train a Shark
You can train a dog to roll over, but what about a shark? The answer might surprise you! Join us as we discuss the process and purpose of why we train zebra sharks at the Aquarium.

Do Sharks Snore?
Sharks have to keep swimming to breathe. Or do they? If this is true, how do they sleep? And do they snore? Join us as we explore these questions and discover how sharks, and many other fish, get their beauty rest.

Do Animals Need Friends?
Friendship contributes to better emotional and physical health in humans. But does this hold true for animals? Do animals need friends? Explore why some animals group up together, discover how having “friends” could help them survive, and learn how different relationships benefit animals in their natural environments.

Do Trees Hibernate?
The temperature is dropping. Leaves are falling. Winter is coming. Some animals sleep through winter, but what about trees? Do they hibernate? Join us as we learn about the ways that trees prepare for cold weather, discover why leaves change color, and explore how plants know when winter is near.

What's So Scary About Algae?
It’s spooky. It’s mysterious. It’s all over…it’s algae? We’ve seen a scare of algal blooms in Utah, and they’re happening all over the world. But what is algae? Is it dangerous? What causes an algal bloom? Join us as we explore this aquatic plant, discover what causes algal blooms, and learn what we can do to prevent them.

Are Wildfires Really All That Bad?
Wildfire…a destructive, devastating force of nature…or is it? Are wildfires really as bad as we think? Many ecosystems actually depend on regular fires. Join us as we explore what makes up a natural environment and how wildfires play a part in its success. And discover why some organizations go out of their way to start fires. Catch on to this interesting phenomenon!

Do Fish Drink Water?
Fish! Every aquarium has them. The oceans, lakes, and rivers of the world are full of them. As a living organism, fish need food to live, but have you ever wondered if they also have to drink? They live in the water and most can’t survive outside of it, so do they just drink while they swim? Explore, Discover, and Learn about whether or not fish drink water in this fun episode. 

Why Do We Need Water?
The human body is made up of all sorts of stuff, but a great deal of it is water. Water, that flavorless, but definitely not worthless liquid—what does it actually do for us? Explore, Discover, and Learn all about why water is the life blood of all living things on Earth.

Great Salt Lake Whales: Fact or Fiction?
Ever heard the myth about whales living in Great Salt Lake? In this episode, we explore this fun legend to see if the science supports the myth. Discover how adaptions make it possible for various marine animals to live in salt water, and learn what makes Great Salt Lake one of the saltiest bodies of water around. Let’s check it out!

Can Utah Survive Without Snow?
Utah has some of the best snow on Earth, but what would happen if it only ever rained instead of snowed? Would it just upset the skiers and snowboarders of the world? All people, plants, and animals depend on water for so many reasons. Find out where we get it, how much we use, and why it’s important that it falls as snow instead of rain. Join us as we Explore, Discover, and Learn about what makes snowpack so important here in Utah.