About Pressbooks:

Since 2011, Pressbooks has been essential infrastructure for the open education movement and has supported the creation of thousands of open educational resources.

In addition to open resources, Utah has a multi-year consortium license to authoring, editing, and Canvas LMS tools. PressbooksUT is open to faculty and staff of all Utah public education institutions.

Pressbooks Products:

Pressbooks Directory     

  • Discover new content
  • Find interactive OER (Open Education Resources)
  • Search over 2,800 books published across 105 partner networks
  • Import books to adapt for your course
  • Visit Pressbooks Directory

Pressbooks Authoring & Editing Platform

  • Adapt existing content or create new content
  • Embed multimedia
  • Clone content and adapt for your course
  • Publish with book templates

Pressbooks Results for LMS

  • Integrate with Canvas and Single Sign On
  • Link Pressbooks content with assignments, and other graded course activities
  • Make textbooks and Canvas a seamless experience
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