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You have a great site here. Well done. I was searching "Water Cycle" and this site came up. It led me spend quite a bit of informative and educational time here. Thank you!

  ~ UEN User

We so appreciate UEN and think all the services you provide are Awesome :-)

  ~ Utah Charter School Tech Support

NoodleTools is awesome! I love using it in graduate school and am grateful that I can use it now as a teacher. Great resource. Thank you for making it available for Utah students.

  ~ Tooele School District Educator

I am so grateful for the wonderful UEN databases we have access to here in Utah. They have been such help to us at Hillcrest! I appreciate all you do.

  ~ District Library Media Specialist

UEN has hit #1 in my book with the program Democracy Now! Democracy Now! offers great interviews and coverage of very important subjects in the world today. They do not repeat over and over again the popular topic of the day but brings awareness of significant news which all Americans need to understand. I thirst for more news like this program provides. I always wish Democracy Now! could be longer. Thank you for a great broadcast.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

The entire UEN website is getting better and better. We are using many of the resources in our professional learning workshops throughout the district. Looking at the Utah Young Author's page makes me want to be back in the classroom and use the project as a tool for learning with my students. We are pleased with your efforts to make these opportunities more available to us.

  ~ District Language Arts Specialist

Democracy Now! is the best news program I have watched for some time. Much of that is because both announcers are smart. I wish somebody will tell Hillary Clinton it is time to retire and be an elder counselor. Somebody like Amy Goodman should run for POTUS. I just wished it was at a different hour.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

We thank Michael and Jared for their work in our District training our teachers with Canvas. The feedback has been great every time. The fun part for me is that the positive feedback is coming from new users to Canvas as well as experienced users. Our teachers appreciate their style and the adjustments to the course that have happened due to conversations with Michael and Jared during the training. They have done a really nice job and we appreciate them.

  ~ Wasatch School District

I dearly love your program on cheese. Fascinating. My favorite. Used to make my own when we milked our own cows.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Cheese Slices is the best show on UEN-TV, hands down. Thanks for offering it!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Thanks for carrying Democracy Now! It is one of the few news sources not tainted by corporate news. A refreshing voice in the current times.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

My brother is dyslexic and does not read or write, but he does watch your Democracy Now! program every morning. It is a critically important to him to get this news firsthand. He trusts this program for the truth and appreciates and supports your programming.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

We listen to Democracy Now! every morning and so does my brother and many people we know who depend on this program for accurate and news that we could not get anywhere else. Thank you for bringing Democracy Now! to us!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

We had a great conference in St George. We had some of the best professional development possible. Thank you for taking the time to share with our administrators the vast resources available for them and their teachers through UEN. I have had many favorable comments about the presentation and amazement at what is available.

  ~ Executive Director UASSP

Always enjoy watching this program as it provides in-depth discussions concerning current issues, both of national and global importance. One of the few programs where the listener feels better informed after having watched. We feel it also encourages us to explore subjects further on our own. For those who are intellectually curious about understanding issues, watching "Democracy Now!" is one of the few programs whose guests seem to be quite knowledgeable in providing factual information rather than offering opinions.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

[Sit and Be Fit] I have been watching this program for at least 10 years or more. It is an excellent program for seniors-the only exercise program for seniors. I have purchased a dvd from Mary ann Wilson for brain excercises and next month I will be using the dvd for a class at Millcreek Senior Center. Also my sister watches this program as she can sit down to exercise-she has some dizziness so it is difficult standing for excercises. this program is the only one that has sitting down excercises for people who have disabilities. please continue this program. I watch PBS a lot and this is one of the best programs.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

[Sit and Be Fit] I watch and participate every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is an excellent program for seniors and others. I cannot get out many days and yet I can still exercise and make myself a bit more fit. Thanks for presenting this program.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

[Katie Brown Workshop] Love this show but would like to see current programs. I have all that you show memorized.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

[Democracy Now!] This is an amazing show, it gives you a view of the world you will never see on FOX, CNN or MSNBC. It's a look behind the curtain in Oz. It's a chance to listen to voices that aren't part of a feedback loop of fear, industry and government procurement. It's what news is, it is what news should be.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

THANK YOU!! UEN is so wonderful and I can only hope that teachers take and use what is available. I try to take opportunities to tell the students about Pioneer and all of the databases that it allows us to use! Wonderful! Fabulous!! 
Have a great day!!

  ~ Paula

I love MHz Worldview, ch 9.2 in Ogden. I just discovered it a few months ago. I recently purchased some DVDs of Blood of the Vine for my brother. He is fluent in French...loves mysteries...lived in France for a while. I can't wait to hear from him after he opens the DVDs at Christmas. Right now, I am listening/watching a show that aired in 2010. It is delightful. Thank you for this programming.

  ~ MHz Worldview Viewer

Classical Stretch has given me a renewal of life at 70 yrs. old. I'm back to doing the kayaking, skiing, working etc. that i could do when I was much younger. Thank You!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Song of the Mountains is literally one of the best TV offerings we see every week. Thank you for this programming

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Just watched "Over 90 and Loving It" and LOVED it. So inspiring to hear the stories of those dear folks and relish the wonderful role models that they are. Thank you for airing it and for all the other wonderful programming you so consistently bring us!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer (not over 90.....)

Ahhh...Headache achieved! I thought I knew a little about UEN. I was wrong! There is so much on the site that my students could use and that I could use. I like the child's interactive sites. I like the science videos she showed...I think it was digital science. The resources on Pioneer were terrific. The digital libraries were the newspaper were located were outstanding. We, as Utah taxpayers, fund this so we should use it!

The Consumer Reports was great!

Google??? Forget BABIE

Just to let you know how much I enjoy the science programs you have on in the afternoons (evenings too). I am retired now, and school days are far in the past. But I love to be reminded of what I had learned in biology class, etc. and learn new thing that have been discovered since then. Thank you for having such programs.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Thanks for bringing the Cheese Slices series back. My husband and I call it a date while we watch with a glass of wine and a cheese that matches the show. We've tried more kinds of cheese than ever before since watching this program.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Thank you so much for showing the documentary on GMO foods and Monsanto. It was eye opening! Thank you SO much!! This is QUALITY tv.
I just wanted to thank you for showing Biscuit Brothers on UEN-TV. My two small boys love the program, and ask to watch the episodes over and over again. They have started to sing the songs around the house. The show is entertaining and teaches them so much about music. Please keep showing it!
You have reconfirmed my faith in UEN-TV, a conscientious source for excellent programming. You have some of the best programs anywhere on the air, and I watch UEN-TV regularly, because of the high quality of your programming.
GREAT WEBSITE!!! I am a teacher at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho New Mexico and this site is the first one I go to for examples, ideas and information. It is extremely helpful. Thank you for opening up to everyone.
Jared did such a wonderful job presenting Google Tools. We are all so much smarter now. We were all so impressed with his casual manner and teaching style. We would love him to come again and teach us more.

Thank you for arranging everything and helping us. It was a wonderful training. Now to get to work and apply it.

I just wanted to tell you how much my 5 year old and I have enjoyed watching "My Life on the Farm"!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Thank you for responding so quickly to my email. I appreciate how willing UEN is to help teachers and students on all levels. This is such a great resource.

  ~ Utah Valley University Student

Thank you so much for a great training on Friday. Staff loved it and it provided a wonderful perspective in to what is available through Google, and maybe some of us will appreciate our Gmail acccount more. Hopefully we could have addition learning experience as time progresses. Thanks again for all you do for schools in Utah.

  ~ Utah Principal

There are so many great resources on the UEN site--it's really neat to be have this to use and share. I think the preservice teachers can get a sense from this that there is a strong community of teachers out there, and support to be found.

  ~ Associate Professor, English

Thanks in part to the fabulous tech training I have received from UEN classes, I recently was awarded a grant from Adobe to study technology in San Jose - Silicon Valley for one week, all expenses paid. I was asked to be a lead educator for Adobe, one of 50 or so worldwide, and it was an exciting opportunity which I would probably not have been eligible for, if not for UEN tech classes.
Just discovered you. Thanks for airing foreign shows like Don Matteo and Detective Montalbano. It is a great help as I try to learn Italian!

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

Yippee! Premium educators now have 3 GB of storage on their my.uen page! Thank you UEN!

  ~ Utah Educator

Thanks! I really appreciate what you all do with my.uen for us. Storing links to science web sites is integral to my chemistry teaching. I'm sure other teachers around Utah appreciate what you all do as much as I do!

  ~ Utah High School Science Teacher

If you need a lane change or want to brush up on your Technology skills, UEN is a great option. The class content is excellent, the instructors are amazing, and you always go away with completed projects that you can use in your curriculum area. Besides that, USBE credit costs exactly $0, and SUU credit is only $15 for 1 hour of college credit. It is a steal. I have taken a bunch of UEN classes, and I have never come away disappointed.

They did not pay me to say this--I just think they are that good!

  ~ Utah School Library - Media Teacher

Thank you for responding so quickly. I am overwhelmed at your speed and efficiency in answering my question. Too bad that the rest of the world doesn't operate at this level. Thank you again for UEN programming.

  ~ UEN-TV and MHz Worldview Viewer

We love your resources and wish California had a site like this.

  ~ Visitor to the NetSafe Utah web page

I wanted to convey to you the great programming you have on UEN-TV, especially the NHK Programming, Rick Steve's Europe, Asia 7 Days, European Journal, EuroMax and Native Report. Regular cable does not give me this kind of programming. I hope these programs continue in the future. Thanks!!!!

  ~ UEN-TV and MHz Worldview Viewer

Thank you so much for the the MHZ Network and your other endeavors. Please continue providing these features. It is so informative. Once again my thanks.

  ~ MHz Worldview and UEN-TV Viewer

Thank you for continuing to carry the 30-minute Deutsche Welle Journal at 7 pm on Ch 9.1. Since MHZ Network moved it to 5:30 pm Mountain on Ch 9.2, it is too early for us to see, and it comes at the same time as the three network newscasts (CBS, ABC & NBC) at 5:30 pm. Deutsche Welle offers a great world news coverage every day as does Al Jazzeera which we also watch. Thanks for all you do.
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for having such great Family and Consumer Science lesson plans available to those who teach it. There aren't many useful websites for this type of information and I use yours at least once a week to get new, fresh, and innovative ideas for my students. The teachers who have put these together have done an AMAZING job and I am so thankful to have this website as a resource. THANKS AGAIN!

  ~ Sincerely, FCS Teacher at Tusky Valley High School, Ohio

Thank you for providing, not only educational, but quality programming on UEN-TV. As an anthropology student, UEN has been the only place I am able find shows about archaeology and history which rival those of other big name networks. Thanks again!
Just want to say I get a lot out of UEN-TV. It would sure be nice to have more excercise programming starting at 7am. I do all the shows in the summer but have to get my kids to school from 8-9, cutting out half of tues/thurs progamming and all of classical stretch. I really liked Power Yoga and would like to see it come back. Please never mess with Classical Stretch, Wai Lana, and Pricilla's Yoga. Body electric is all right, partly because it's so cheesy that it's funny. The new show seems good too, the Core show. Thanks for your time.
YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I just found your website and I am excited beyond my imagination! Our school district has adopted the Common Core State Standards. I have searched and searched for sample lesson plans using the core....and then I found your website. Thanks for allowing the public the opportunity to view these plans.

  ~ Educator from Meridian, Mississippi

THANK YOU FOR MY UEN PERSONAL WEB PAGE. I have been using it for the past three years and it is the best teaching tool I have ever experienced. My students love the fact that they can work independantly on assignments and watch videos at their own pace. PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGE IT!!!!!

  ~ Salt Lake City School District Educator

I want to thank you for airing Classical Stretch. I do a Classical Stretch workout every day, and find it so beneficial.

  ~ UEN-TV Viewer

What an awesome website! I made a poster of all the games listed for my third grade students to choose from when we go to the computer lab every week. I choose the first two games and then they get to choose a game. Thank you for such high caliber, kid friendly, educationally sound games to use.
This week I learned about a world of sources I had not yet known about... the online Pioneer library. It is a database full of interactive games, learning, developmentally appropriate educational movies etc. I loved eMedia as it had all the originals I grew up with including: Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I am grateful there are people out there willing to spend the time to put these websites together for educators like me. I will use this website to find hundreds of other useful websites in the future.

  ~ UVU Preservice Educator

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new my.uen page counter application! So awesome! Now they can't say I checked your website, when there are 0 visitors. haha Thanks again!

  ~ Comment from Middle School Science educator

I am a very happy 5th grade teacher. My students have just "experienced" the Colonial Williamsburg fieldtrip. These EFTs are so well done. I even learned things I hadn't known before. They are captivating and informative. We feel so lucky to have had this opportunity. We are also appreciative for the help that Doug Jones gave. He really went the extra mile to answer questions and communicate. He has even come several times to visit us at Majestic Elementary. Thank you for caring about children. Your efforts with the program have made a difference. Keep us in mind if any of these programs are available again.

  ~ Educator from Majestic Elem. Sch.

I just wanted to say thank you again for a great workshop last week. We do end-of-day surveys for each of our sessions and your presentation consistently got rated "best session yet" from our participants. During lunch we heard lots of buzz about what the teachers were going to go back to school and try with Prezi and the UEN science tools you showed them. Thanks again!

  ~ Comment from district Science Specialist about Mitchell, one of UEN's Instructors

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU! Thank you for all your lessons in Family and Consumer Science. I love the ease of your website and the wide variety of lesson plans. It is one of my favorite sites for good, sound curriculum that I can use with my students and it saves me a lot of time.

  ~ Educator from Wisconsin

UEN is a fabulous resource. I use the lesson plans everyday. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  ~ Educator from Ohio

THANK YOU I'm excited now!!! I couldn't do this job without you. I spread the word every chance I get about your website.

  ~ FACS educator regarding the Foods / Nutrition II web page.

I LOVE being able to upload more than one file at a time on the my.uen Documents Manager portlet. Just discovered that feature today. Thanks much!

  ~ Junior High School Science Teacher, Alpine District

I don't know where I'd be without my.uen. We use it many times a day.

  ~ 4th grade teacher, Salt Lake City School District

I appreciate the MHz programming for what it does to broaden Americans' world view.

I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful information and lessons on this site. It is fabulous!!!! I used the Family and Consumer Science lessons often and plan on checking out your lists of web resources soon.
(Message sent to one of UEN's Instructors)
Thanks so much for your time and expertise at our training last week! I barely gave you enough time on the agenda – you had so much to share with them and they had many good questions. We do this every year and it is such a treat to see them light up when ALL of the UEN services are spelled out for them. The "lights go on" when they hear about UEN’s online resources and then they are all a glow when you list the fabulous trainings that UEN offers to them for FREE! I saw them jotting down many notes.

Thanks for taking a few hours out of your day to share all of the great offerings of UEN with these new directors. I hope they take advantage of UEN!

Thanks for your presentation on language arts and social studies resources at UELMA. I want you to know that in my session I told everyone how wonderful UEN classes are. I have learned so much the past three years from UEN classes and the Faculty Lounge. All of you at UEN are great and are to be commended for the excellent resources you offer to all of us Utah educators!
FINALLY the World is brought to Utah. THANK you for your great world programming. Your station is the greatest. We finally have a station that gets us out of Utah with diversified programming. I hope it will never stop. Thanks KUEN, KEEP IT WORLD.
I LOVE my UEN webpage and don't know how I would manage my class without it!
I want you to know that we love UEN here at Horizonte. I have recently had a great time preparing my library web page using my.uen. I like how it has tabs for pages right up front. I love how easy it is to use, especially adding bookmarks and documents. Another resource we love is the financial information, the links and sources included. I teach my research students to use SIRS and EBSCO daily for reliable infomation. Our ESL students love using Culture Grams. I am bombarded with requests to make DVD's from e-Media. We don't have an AV Budget here so we need all those up to date sources. No kidding, we have videos on the shelf from the 80's which is very disappointing. Thanks to all who are involved with the fixing and providing the resources that you do.
Thank you so much. This is one of the many reasons I love UEN....No matter what time of the day or what kind of problem, I get immediate and personal help with that problem until it is resolved. I don't know who you are, but you are awesome! UEN is great so please don't ever change. How you help us and the services you provide makes our jobs as educators and tech people so much easier. Thanks again.I LOVE my UEN webpage and don't know how I would manage my class without it!
I was just going to check out the 5th grade science standards and WOW! I am SO excited to see your new national parks section. I don't have time to really look right now but I hope you'll keep the news on your home page for awhile as a reminder to us that it is there. It looks WONDERFUL! Thanks for maintaining the best, most helpful, totally cool website for educators and students!
This site is so great! Thank you so much for putting this all together! I hope this stays forever. I continually recommend it to my friends, my students, my seatmates, to everyone.
Your digital TV channel 9.2 with its world news from different providers is the best thing that digital switch-over has brought. I blogged about the benefits that KUEN now provides - Al Jazeera English News, FRANCE 24 News, Deutsche Welle, euroNews, et al. at and have posted my comments on my Facebook page. These foreign news broadcasts are the equivalent of BBC World News in quality and international scope. KUEN does a distinct and needed public service to Utah viewers.
These are the best tutorials of any kind I have seen yet. You keep them so simple and great for someone who is just starting out and wants to learn to make websites. Thank you for sharing your knowlege, and your videos.
Thank you so much for setting up and presenting at the Work-Based Learning Summer Conference. I had such great comments from the participants! Most people ranked the conference as a 4 out of a 1-4 scale. One person wrote: "In 25 years of educational workshops, this was the best one I have ever attended. The UEN classes were the best." This is high praise to each of you.
Thank you for the Dreamweaver tutorials on YouTube. I have been browsing the internet to find the most comprehensive step by step and this is the best by far.
A response posted on YouTube regarding "Part 2.20: Web Layout in Abobe Fireworks CS4"

My sincere gratitude for your tutorials.

What greater accolade can there be for a teacher than to be making education available to the world, free at the point of use. You supply a fine service and are a credit to your profession.

I would like to write a note for you to pass on to your exceptional professional development instructors. I think you have the best teachers in the state instructing the teachers in the state! I have taken several classes this spring, and I have been so impressed. Every class I take, I think to myself, "this is the best one yet."

Please pass my thanks to great teachers. I love Mitchell's teaching style; he's an excellent teacher. He shows us the entire process for the concept he is teaching us and then he walks us through it as many times as he needs to make sure we grasp the concept. Tim is such a good teacher, he has such a delightful way about him and makes the classrom very pleasant. He is very knowledgeagle and handles all kinds of questions with ease and never makes us feel like we are asking a silly question; keep him. Jared is great. He is very helpful and a very dedicated teacher. His desire is to make sure that every single class member masters the program that he is teaching. He knows the programs he is teaching and gives us extra hints and suggestions that help so much. Rob is probably my all-time favorite teacher ever. He explains things so simply and thoroughly. It makes so much sense when he teaches. Whatever he's making, he worth more.

I know there are other teachers, but I have been very lucky to have been instructed by these men and I would just like to let you know how fortunate you are to have teachers of such high calibre in your program. I appreciate the professional development classes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful website! I appreciate all the effort you put into the lessons and the website!!! I have used so many of your great lessons.
Whoever is responsible for the PDF Converter and the programs that allow us to convert files I want to give my heartfelt thanks and congratulations on a job well done. I just converted 16 files - uploading them, waiting for the conversion, and then downloading them back to me in less than 5 minutes!! WOW! That process used to take about 20-3- minutes at the beginning of the year.

Whoever is responsible for making this work faster and even making it an enjoyable experience - THANK YOU!!! I guess you don't get many of this type of comment - but I do believe in telling someone when something works well. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.

I love this website. I am a FCS teacher in Dallas, Texas and have found the lesson plan section to be invaluable. Thank you so much.
I just wanted to write in and say thanks for including MHz Worldview with your broadcast. It has been nice to have this channel available for the interesting foreign films and newscasts. My kids and I are expecially excited for the upcoming Footy season. Thanks for adding to our choices.
THANK YOU for adding a little window that alerts the user that clicking on the download link is actually doing something. That little visual cue will help a bunch. The updated interface is great. Not too different from the old, and the process of previewing and downloading has been streamlined. Thanks for the handout as well.
Just a heartfelt THANK YOU for your Family and Consume resources! You are not aware of the scope of Family and Consumer Sciences professionals who access your site. I am, 1) because I've been one of them and 2) because I'm the moderator of a Yahoo Group for FACS teachers who have registered on our site. We have members from Alaska to Florida!
Our science teacher is just thrilled about UEN's Charles Darwin web page. She is going do have her students research and write a short paper. It has made her job so much easier and the students have valuable information without searching through a maze of sites. We both appreciate what you do for all of us. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
International Mystery (Saturdays at 4:00 PM on Channel 9.2) is the best thing that I have found on television! I ran into it by accident over a month ago and I have not missed watching an episode since. After the first two or three minutes I am completely unaware that the movie has subtitles! Fantastic locations and settings, superb acting, and unbeatable mysteries reign!

Please keep this program forever. If these great detectives ever become unavailable, please find something international of the same sort.

I can't remember the last time I took a course I enjoyed so much and was so applicable to my classroom.
UEN Professional Development is excellent! I also enjoy your programs on archaeology and history. You rock!!!
Thank you so very much for your time. The UEN web site is fabulous!!!
Thanks for all of the work you do. I have had MANY positive comments from parents and students about my my.uen web site -- you guys make me look good!
UEN is my source for finding "best practice" teaching materials that are well developed, creative, and organized in a very "user friendly" format. "Impressive" is one word that describes not only the teaching materials, but the entire UEN web site and the people I have had contact with through their web site.
I want to personally tell you what an impressive web site you have at It puts other states to shame. When I am looking for ideas for teaching, your site is the first I look. I also want you to know how pleased I was with communicating with JoAnn who answered my 800 call. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Jeff, another person who I contacted by e-mail regarding a lesson plan, was also very prompt and extremely helpful. I have only met two other people from your state and I must say: It gives me a great impression of Utah people!
Thank you so much for adding more craft related shows to your line-up, particularly the 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. hours. I'm an artist and craft and gain much inspiration from the variety you offer. Beading to scrapbooking, glass to painting and my favorites quilting and needle arts. Thank You So Very Much!
Thank you for allowing to use the CollegEmedia. Actually it is very helpful for my teaching and for educational objectives. Thank you for the initiative that allows this great opportunity.
I decided to check out the Utah Education Network online and was blown away not only by the agency’s web site but by the educational programs the state of Utah offers its kids.
Thanks for the Professional Development at Spanish Fork High School. Rob did a great job. It was great that you would come to us. We will be using more of our technology this coming year with the ideas that Rob gave us.
I wanted to express my appreciation for your programming. One show in particular, Yarnell School of Fine Art, has been very inspirational and educational for me and my family. I sincerely hope that you will continue to broadcast this show and others like it. Thank you!
Just a note to thank you for airing the "Simple Living with Wanda Urbanska" series. This is very interesting and important programming, and I enjoy it immensely.
This is just a quick note to say how much I LOVE UEN!! I honestly had no idea what was available here, and by fluke one day last December, I followed a professional development e-mail because I needed to re-certify. The courses offered are AMAZING!! I honestly can't believe that they're free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I've been taking UEN online courses since January 2008 and have learned so much and had my thinking stimulated and my technology skills polished. Because of my experience with UEN I actually WANT to get back in the classroom!

The facilitators have been great: they're very positive and take time to give feedback to assignments. I love how interactive the classes are while at the same time allowing me freedom to access them and work on them from my home at any hour of the day or night. I also love the collegiality of connecting with other educators all over the state (and beyond) that helps teachers not feel so isolated. The discussion boards required as part of the classes give us a chance to really share our ideas and concerns in a way that I don't think even happens within a school because of time restraints and "politics."

The reason I happen to be writing this right now is because I followed a link to the Faculty Lounge to find out about creating screen-capture tutorials. I saw several faculty lounge presentations as part of my UEN classes and I love that they're archived so that I can go back and see what's there (I suffer from chronic curiosity). So, as is often the case with the Internet, I ended up following a link to the article written highlighting UEN's professional development at THE Journal and just thought everyone at UEN needed to know that what you do really does make a difference in teacher's lives and practice. It certainly has in mine. I will definitely be back, and I will probably bring other people with me.

Tim, just a quick note to thank you for the excellent presentation at USBE this last Monday about Dreamweaver. Your skill and enthusiasm kept the audience involved in the lesson. The tips and tricks you showed were most helpful. Many thanks again to you and UEN Professional Development for assisting the USBE Lunch and Learn program. You did great!
Thanks so much for your assistance. We had a fun day yesterday afternoon and teachers who are "technology challenged" said they felt comfortable using my.uen to create their web pages!
Congratulations to Tim, Jared, Ann, and all those associated with the Faculty Lounge for being mentioned in the national media! I have only visited the Faculty Lounge once in person, but I have listened to numerous shows, and they are great! Thanks for offering us all these wonderful opportunities to learn.
"Thanks for your hard work! The UEN site has been an invaluable resource for me and for parents saving us both quite a bit of time and eliminating a lot of frustration."
"You should know that even some of our veteran teachers who have been very resistant to technology and afraid to work with a web site have had good success with my.uen. Parents and aides at the school who work with failing students have also made positive comments about the teachers having information available on class web sites. So, you can tell whoever spent all that time creating my.uen, it has been very beneficial."
"I just wanted to tell you how much I, and my students, enjoy your program at 4 pm on Tuesdays (The Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art). Another station features him on Saturdays, but they frequently substitute religious shows, and you never know whether you will be able to see the full sequence of shows dealing with a particular painting. "
"Your Student Interactives for Grades 3-6 is such a creative, fun way for kids to learn about their health! I had a blast playing the games - Arnold was especially cool. Well, you did a great job putting it together and it's very generous to make it available to other schools."
"I use the PDF converter for at least 10 documents per week, every week of school. It is one of the most useful tools I have ever run across for teachers, enabling us to load documents onto our school web pages so that ALL parents are able to receive them, no matter what particular word processing program they use. Thanks for all that has gone into making this available to teachers, and thanks for your continued monitoring of the system to insure its successful operation. "
"I just wanted to say thank you for Sci-Fi Fridays. My family has really been enjoying the movies and the time spent together."
"I absolutely love the new 9.2 channel!! Thank you!"
" I just wanted to let you all know how much I love UEN Sci Fi Friday!  My son and I have been making Sci Fi Friday our weekly date for about a year and a half or more now.  It has been a nice, non-threatening, campy bonding time for us.  Thanks so much for giving us something we can have fun with and spend regular time together doing.  I hope it stays a part of your programming for a long time! "
"I just wanted to thank UEN for the ability to PDF files online. It is a lifesaver!"
"Wow! I wanted to say Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful fountain of information. I will definitely use your ideas and lesson plans in my Life Skills curriculum. You are a wonderful resource."
"I teach seventh grade at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Your resources have been very helpful. Thanks!"
"Just a note to say this month's (NetNews) newsletter has some quality information."
"Thanks very much for setting up the my.uen web sites for us teachers to use. This is a VERY valuable tool. I've only been using it a short time and already I’m wondering how I ever lived without it."

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you that your page about "the sewing machine parts" was sooooo helpful. I had a huge test on the sewing machine parts and their functions ... and I left all of my notes at school. I didn't know a single thing, so I had been frantically searching online to find a helpful web site. I found yours. I was so surprised because you practically had everything and even more info on this unit than I needed!! Thank you so much!! Keep up the great job!!"
"Rob's Digital Camera class was great. He managed a rather demanding person amazingly well - patiently reassuring her she "wasn't stupid". Rob also managed to not let this person dominate his time, but rather he made sure he got around to everyone else as well."
"Thank you for an excellent presentation. Your delivery is very professional and I appreciate your sharing experiences from teaching and activities in your personal life as well. Come back any time! I'll keep you in mind in case we want to plan another workshop in the future."
"I just wanted you to know that I finished parent/teacher conferences last night and so many of them thanked me for the (my.uen) web site and said how valuable it has been to the students. This year it is much easier to use, and I'm excited about this improvement. Thanks for your hard work! Know that it's helping kids learn!"
"I just want to let you know how I am impressed with the UEN web page service as a whole and this update specifically. I seriously researched the possibility of creating and hosting my own class web page this summer before I was directed to this service. The UEN web page fulfills everything I could have hoped for and more. Thank you so much for the time and money that has been put into it. I am certain that the web page has directly affected my students' academics in an extremely positive way. !"
"I have two children ages 5 and 4 who love to watch your programs during lunch time. We just wanted to thank you for providing instructional television. Our favorite program is signing time. We would be delighted to see this program more often if possible. It’s definitely one of mine and my children’s favorite shows. The best children's program you offer."
Comments about the Pioneer Online Library federated search: "Thanks for this fabulous tool. You've just greatly multiplied the power and usability of this wonderful resource." and "WOW! I love it! Another winner from Pioneer!"
"I do appreciate all of you at UEN do for us teachers. You are so awesome!!! I love everything about UEN and plan to continue to use it in my teaching."
"Congratulations on your lesson plans!! I'm a new Food and Nutrition Teacher and I found your site the most  helpful of everything I had seen before. Well done!!!!"
"I will highly recommend these courses to our faculty during Professional Development in two weeks. They are awesome, and a great way to get credit. They have perhaps helped me more than any other inservice classes I have taken. I especially look forward to having my students use Pioneer Online Library."
"Thank you so much for airing Zonya's health bites.  It is one of the few tv shows I try to view every week.  I am also glad you have them on Comcast on Demand.  I have watched several episodes more than once.  My parents and sister are now regular viewers as well."
"Thank you for your quick response. People like you, (dedicated, polite, helpful) have reassured me many times that it was the right decision to move here."
" I watch your show every week here in Salt Lake City, and I absolutely love the common sense approach you have taken to healthy eating.  As a registered nurse it is frustrating to see the different fad diets that come and go--they do not really accomplish any sort of health-oriented goals.  I have been extremely impressed with your efforts to educate the public as to the dangers of unhealthy eating habits.  Your efforts truly emulate your motto of the "power of one healthy habit."  I am anxious for when you come to Salt Lake City to speak.  I hope that day comes soon!  I know numerous people that would love to hear (and need to hear) your words of encouragement and reason.  Thanks again for all you do!"
"I want you to know that I really learned a lot from this course. I am fairly critical of most professional development courses, but this one was meaningful and helped me reflect on ways to improve my teaching."
"We watched some really kick-@ss shows about bacteria and fungi on your channel the other day."
"Ross did an excellent job giving our teachers a great overview of what is available on Pioneer Library.  Several teachers have expressed to me they felt this was very beneficial. "
"I just wanted to say "thanks" for helping me get my credit for the workshop I took. I appreciate your timely feedback, response to emails, and the initiative you took towards helping me get my credit. I appreciate your professionalism and work ethic, because no one else would help me. "
"Just a note that since last spring, we have an ongoing party every Friday night at our house with friends and family to watch Sci-Fi Friday. It is a great program and hope that it will continue. "
"Just wanted to tell you that your workshops were the BEST of our whole business education conference! You were all excellent presenters, handled the overwhelming crowds with grace, and gave out useful information. Way to go UEN!! Thanks for being great training role models."
"I must tell you how much I enjoy many of the shows you broadcast. Shows on art, music (even contemporary classical, imagine that!), history, economics...what a great collection of material! Much of this is not available on any other station, and yet it is so important for educating people about these things. Why, I even enjoy your commercials and quotes! Keep up the great work. "
"Thank you so much for Sci-Fi Friday. Our entire family has fallen in love with the fabulously bad B-movies that you show every Friday night. Our entire week revolves around sci-fi Friday, and we have begun to spread the joy to all our friends. It's refreshing to see something unique and original on TV."
"I LOVE this website. I tripped over it in 2001, since then I've literally stood up in meetings and told FACs Teachers about the web site. Keep up the great work Utah!"
"I want to thank you for SciFi Friday. It is a wonderful addition to your already stellar channel."
"Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoy programs on UEN-TV. We've been intrigued with the eclectic mix of shows we've "discovered." Kudos to UEN for coming up with such a great mix. Outstanding!"
"My children and I have recently discovered Signing Time on your station. I just wanted to mention how much we enjoy this education program - it's our family's only "must-see" program on television. It's nice to have programming that not only captures the interests of my little ones and deters them from "junk" programming, but teaches them effective ways to think and communicate as well. Thanks so much!"
"I have been watching and listening to archives of the Faculty Lounge while I am busy imaging new computers and remotely taking care of my schools computers. WOW is this ever a valuable resource!!!! Thank you so very much for all you do for Utah Educators."