Utah's Online School Library Quick Tip Reels Playlist

Watch Utah's Online School Library Quick Tips Reels to learn more about the products in the Utah Online School Library. We recommend you subscribe to the PDTV YouTube Channel to be notified when new episodes premier.

Gale Middle & High School - Topic Finder
Premiered: November 27, 2023

Empower your middle school and high school students' research success with Gale Topic Finder. Topic finder will help students narrow down their topics.

Gale High School - Power Search VS Individual Search
Premiered: November 20, 2023

Empower your high school students' research success with Gale in Context. See the difference between a power search and individual database search.

Gale Middle School - Citations
Premiered: November 13, 2023

Empower your students’ research journey with Gale In Context with access to a vast collection of credible sources, easy-to-use annotate tools for highlighting, note-taking, and citation creation and seamless integration with Google Docs for effortless citation management.

Gale in Context Elementary
Premiered: November 6, 2023

Gale in Context has a variety of accessibility tools to make research projects for elementary students easier for all learning needs.

PBS Math Games
Premiered: May 17, 2023

Get your little ones excited about math with PBS Math Games in the Preschool Path!

Math in Culture Grams
Premiered: May 11, 2023

From geography to history, Culture Grams has got you covered with comprehensive state data.

Library of Congress
Premiered: April 27, 2023

From rare manuscripts to historical documents, the Library of Congress has it all - and now you can access it virtually through Utah's Online School Library!

National Archives
Premiered: April 24, 2023

Teachers, are you looking for engaging and informative history resources for your students? Look no further than the National Archives in Utah's Online School Library!

Premiered: April 19, 2023

Teach your students how to analyze documents like a pro with DocsTeach! Utah's Online School Library has the perfect tool for research success.

Premiered: April 10, 2023

Expand your student’s vocabulary and improve their writing skills with “Dictionary/Thesaurus” in Utah's Online School Library!

Scrible Works Cited Tool
Premiered: March 29, 2023

Get your students researching and citing like pros with Scrible's Work Cited Tool!

Scrible Extension Tool
Premiered: March 21, 2023

Make online research easier with the free Scrible extension tool! Download now and start annotating online articles while you browse the web.

Scrible Keys and Tags
Premiered: March 15, 2023

Think of Scrible as your digital research sidekick! Check out #Scrible in #UOSL today.

5 reasons to use Scrible
Premiered: March 6, 2023

Let your students experience the benefits of using Scrible in Utah's Online School Library! Scrible is a free research tool that can help guide your students through the process of writing and research.

SEED Nearpod Lessons
Premiered: February 28, 2023

Save time planning your science lessons with eMedia in UOSL! Use these Nearpods aligned with the SEED Standards in your classroom today.

WBO Timelines
Premiered: February 21, 2023

We love how easy World Book Timelines make it for students to learn about different historical events! .

UOSL Databases
Premiered: February 13, 2023

Looking for credible sources to support students in their research projects? Check out these 3 free high-quality databases available on UOSL.

World Book Online
Premiered: February 6, 2023

Access thousands of easy-to-read articles and interactives for elementary children using World Book Online.

Educational Videos
on Preschool Path

Premiered: January 25, 2023

Encourage learning at home with these free educational videos available on PreMedia!

Monthly Activity Calendar
on Preschool Path

Premiered: January 17, 2023

Do you have kids ages 3-6 at home? Keep them learning all year round with our monthly activity calendars on PreschoolPath!

Free Educational Games
on Preschool Path

Premiered: January 9, 2023

Parents and caregivers are essential for school readiness, so support your early learner at home with these free and interactive games.


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