9 Ideas For

Using Canvas

Canvas, a Learning Management System, is available for all students, teachers, and school districts in Utah.

Taking Better Photos with your iPhone

Each year with each model the iPhone camera gets better, and with these tips your photographs can get better too!

Makerspaces in your Classroom

Makerspaces are a great way to have students explore STEM issues through designing, creating, and sharing their ideas.

Kindle Fire Tablets in the Classroom

The Kindle Fire Tablet from Amazon is an inexpensive device that has many uses both at home and in the classroom. At $50 or less they are affordable and easy to use.

Engaging Students with Technology

Technology can be a powerful tool for inspiring students to actively participate in lessons, providing multiple ways for students to work with ideas and communicate their responses.

Finding Material Using Google Search

"Googling it" can lead to massive search results - sometimes, too massive. Try these tips to hone your search results to what you really need.

Going Google in the Classroom

Google tools can help students create and collaborate, and help you manage your classroom and communicate with parents.

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps is a way schools, districts and qualified nonprofits can harness Google Tools while simplifying IT infrastucture.

Interacting with Students Using an iPad

Boost student engagement with useful apps for your iPad!

Making the Most of Canvas

Instructure Canvas is a learning management system loaded with features to make teaching, tracking and reporting fast and easy.

Multimedia Projects with an iPad

The iPad's portability, ease-of-use and wealth of apps make it the go-to tool for multimedia projects that are more about your curriculum than the technology.

Online Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling ignites kids' imaginations while they practice core skills such as planning and developing narratives.

Social Media in the Classroom

Social media tools provide teachers lots of ways to communicate with students, parents and colleagues. Be sure you're following district guidelines for student privacy!

Teaching with Google Earth

Google Earth's free, basic version comes loaded with information and is perfect for inquiry-based learning.

Teaching with Mobile Media

Mobile media goes where your students go. Help them turn turn spare time into learning time wherever they are!

Using an iPad for Digital Photography

Digital photography reaches a whole new level with the iPad.

Using Document Cameras in the Classroom

Make learning visual with a document camera that lets you project and digitally record demonstrations and materials.

Using the Cloud in the Classroom

Cloud computing provides excellent functionality and allows you to access your files from many devices.

Using Utah's Online Library with Elementary Students

Utah's Online Library is loaded with resources licensed by UEN for Utah teachers, students and parents to use wherever there's an internet connection.

Using QR Codes in Education

QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes embedded with information. Using them in your classroom may be easier than you think!

Using Twitter to Teach

Twitter can be a fast and effective way to engage students, connect with colleagues and keep parents informed about class happenings.

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