Camp TV
Camp TV Season 2 runs through August! Get the energy out of your kids and let them follow along with Camp TV weekdays at 11 a.m. on UEN-TV!
Thump, Bump and Jump into Summer
Keep early learners sharp before they go back to preschool and childcare for the year. Complete 21 activities with UEN Preschool Pioneer!
Native American Summit
UEN is proud to join the Governor's Native American Summit on August 6th at UVU. We will be promoting FNX and hosting two film screenings during the summit. Swing by our booth to learn more!
Nearpod Camp Engage
Nearpod's ​​​​​Camp Engage is back July 26-29, full of PD sessions and community events. As you had back to school, Nearpod and Flocabulary want to support you in continuing to create classroom magic.


Painting with Wilson Bickford
Catch A Wave, Part 2 - Wilson demonstrates how to paint the move and movement of ocean waves. In part two, he details the finishes the crashing ocean wave.


Aboriginal Adventures
Host Tom Sewid tackles crab fishing, explores Newcastle Island and meets a local artist.

NHK World-Japan

Dining with the Chef
Featured recipes: (1) Tomato Oyakodon (2) Octopus and Zucchini with Nori / Learn about Japanese home cooking with Master Chef Saito, based on...