Creative Spark 2024 Video Contest
Lights, camera, action! It's time to show off the learning happening in your classroom with the NextVisa Video Contest. Don't miss out! Submissions are due in December.
UOSL Update: Explore the New Resources
New learning adventures await with Utah's Online School Library’s access to Sora, SIRS Discover and more! Check out the latest additions.
2024 UETN Tech Summit
On June 19–20, UETN hosted its annual Tech Summit, a gathering of information technology professionals. The conference, attended by more than 400 people, had three keynote speakers, more than 60 presentations and more than 30 exhibitors. 
Finance in the Classroom
A comprehensive suite of resources designed to help bring financial literacy to life in the classroom including lesson plans that support the Utah General Financial Literacy strands and standards.


The Legacy List with Matt Paxton
Day Family / Llewellyn Park, NJ - With a family tree filled with entrepreneurs, politicians and explorers, Julie and Cindy will say goodbye to the home where so many amazing stories...


Countdown to Zero
Where does Earth's atmosphere end, and space begin? This and other questions soon will be answered by NASA's Ionospheric Connection Explorer, or ICON...


Back to Roots
Perry plays a Sioux game called "Shoot the Buffalo." Later, he makes spaghetti sauce with fresh ground bison and fries up garlic bannock to go with...

NHK World-Japan

Tibet's Icy Herding Journey
The herders of Thoe Village uphold a long tradition of grazing their sheep at the distant Island of God, but the trek there requires them to guide...