PDTV: New NoodleTools Features
In this newest episode of UEN's PDTV, Michael and Jared share some of the new NoodleTools features.
New StepUp Scholarships
StepUp is proud to announce a brand new scholarship contest, StepUp to College Costs. They are offering two $500 scholarships to 10th and 11th graders. 
NHK World TV
KUEN is considering adding a new TV channel called NHK World TV. This channel would offer the latest news from Japan and Asia. Learn more and share your feedback.
UCET Conference 2018 - March 22 and 23
Check out all of the sessions that the UEN staff will be presenting at this year's UCET.


Curiosity Quest
Skateboard Making - Curiosity Quest host, Joel Greene, visits a Huntington Beach, California skateboard manufacturer to learn how they hand-make skateboards and talk...

MHz Worldview

French police thriller starring Jean-Hugues Anglade as Eddy Caplan, the captain of a team of Parisian cops with a brutal approach to the pursuit of...


Yamba's Playtime
Yamba has a hurt ankle and needs to rest on the couch. Without moving from the couch Yamba thinks up of sporting games to play with the...