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April 24, 2014
"I think it's important on a number of levels for us to have an accountability process for the schools and the successes they're having or the lack thereof, and so I support a school grading program." -Governor Herbert

March 30, 2014
"I think we all share probably the concern of too much federal over-reach into our own school system and we would reject that." -Governor Herbert

February 19, 2014
"...we've got all of our schools now wired to the front door. We've got money in the budget this time for increased technology advancement and so it's something that I very much support." -Governor Gary Herbert

January 23, 2014
"I want you to know I'm very optimistic about the year ahead of us in Utah.  There's reason to be optimistic.  Our economy continues to grow and recover." -Governor Herbert on KUED

November 14, 2013
My number one budget priority as everybody knows here is education. -Governor Herbert on KUED

October 24, 2013
"Education is my number one budget priority, but counseling is going to be a new initiative we're going to see if we can't in fact have some positive impact as we go forward this next year." -Governor Herbert on KUED

June 20, 2013
"We don't want to have the use of our surplus moneys that I've just talked to you about of $150 million, being used for anything other than education and infrastructure." -Governor Herbert

April 17, 2013
"We're diversified, we've got good results, we're progressing, we're emphasizing education again, we've got a ten year energy plan."   -Governor Herbert

March 28, 2013
I would just hearken to our past legislative session...we were able to, because of the growth, put over $300 million into public education and higher education..." -Governor Herbert