Nothing is more basic to the human experience than the need to communicate. From the earliest times, human beings have communicated in an effort to convey information and express feelings. Whether driven by practical reality or psychological necessity, communication gets at the fundamental human need of connecting with others. Indeed, the very word "communicate" means "share."

There are many different means of communication. Simple sounds such as a siren or the beat of a drum can communicate. Visual cues like facial expressions or traffic lights also convey meaning. More sophisticated forms of communication have, as a general rule, involved the use of language. Beyond language, the realm of art also attempts to objectify and communicate reality. Even mathematical expressions can be used as a means of communicating ideas.

As technology has evolved, so, in many ways, has our capacity to communicate. Although animals are capable of communicating at basic levels within territorial limits, people have the capacity to reach across both time and space to communicate with other people. From smoke signals to Gutenberg to the Internet, communication has truly evolved.

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