alt All forms of exploration share one thing in common-they all start with the question "What if?" What if we journeyed under the vast oceans, ventured forth into the inky depths of space, probed the inner recesses of the human mind, or traveled into the distant future? Such queries invite speculation and engender a spirit of discovery. 

If one asks a question and becomes engaged in the search for the answer, they have begun to explore. Exploration by its very nature pushes beyond what is known to understand that which is not. Whether exploring Earth's majestic structures or the inner workings of the human anatomy, the spirit of exploration is what challenges us to go beyond... to learn more... to explore the next level. Our spirit of exploration is limited only by our imagination. 

As we engage students in the learning process and open their minds to what is in the world around them, we will inspire true exploration. We will create explorers. The knowledge they gain in their exploration is the key to all of our futures. 

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