Self Exploration

The French-American novelist Julien Green said, "The greatest explorers on earth never take voyages as long as those of the man who ascends to the depths of his heart." Similarly, an old expression goes "Blessed is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul."

Though we won't all venture to the distant stars of the cosmos or investigate the murky depths of the ocean, the frontier of our inner landscape is one that invites universal exploration. Personal growth and development begin with self-awareness. As we grow in self-awareness, we better understand why we feel and behave as we do. Such understanding gives us the opportunity to improve and to grow.


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Places To Go

Classics in the History of Psychology
Classics in the History of Psychology is an effort to make the full texts of a large number of historically significant public domain documents from the scholarly literature of psychology and allied disciplines available on the World Wide Web. There are now over 20 books and over 100 articles and chapters on-line. The site also contains links to over 170 relevant works posted at other sites.
eHistory: Oracle of Delphi
For answers to innermost questions about self, travel to Greece to the Oracle of Delphi. Ancient Greek citizens would journey to this oracle which was inside a temple dedicated to Apollo near the food of Mt. Parnassos close to the city of Phocis, Greece. The petitioner would ask the priestess of the oracle a question, and she would usually answer in verse.
How Fingerprinting Works
Visit a crime lab or a police station and explore how your fingerprints are uniquely yours and will always provide positive proof of who you are. Explore your fingerprints’ arches, loops, and whorls which are the three main types of fingerprint patterns.
How Handwriting Analysis Works
To explore what your handwriting says about your inner self or your personality traits, visit a graphologist. A graphologist is trained to analyze what an individual’s handwriting tells about them.
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Visit an online test center and explore your inner self. The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is one of the most widely used personality tests. It can help users discover their personality type that may provide information for career choices.

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People To See

A Short Biography of Jean Piaget
Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget is best known for his research on the development of cognitive functions in children. Through his research, he determined that the growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logical structures, with each subsequent construction becoming more powerful.
eNotes: Shakespeare's Hamlet
In the play Hamlet, the character of Polonius prepares his son Laertes for travel abroad with a speech about exploring his inner self when he said, "This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou cans't not be false to any man."
Freud Museum of Vienna
Sigmund Freud was the founding father of psychoanalysis, which is based on the notion that individuals are often unaware of many of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior.
My Hero Project
Meet heroes from all walks of life. Teachers can have students participate in this project and explore the personal qualities that make up a hero.

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Things To Do

Great Ideas in Personality
Learn about personality theory and research.
International Association for the Study of Dreams
This site promotes research into the study of dreams and provides an educational forum for the exchange of information among the scientific and professional community and the general public.
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Personality Test using the official Keirsey Temperament Sorter - Personality Tests for organizational, career, personal development.
Yoga Basics
Explore your inner self and higher consciousness through yoga. Then practice higher consciousness with your pet.

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Teacher Resources

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