Ancient Civilizations – Europe, Asia, Africa

Buildings, artwork, tools, pottery, weapons, clothing, jewelry, coins, written language...these are some of the artifacts that are studied to learn about cultures of long ago. What can the study of ancient civilizations tell us about our lives today? Come explore the ancient civilizations of Europe, Asia, and Africa.


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Places To Go

The Ancient Indus Valley
Learn about ancient India and Pakistan by traveling to the ancient Indus River Valley and exploring the civilizations that flourished there.
Ancient Tombs
Visit tombs from ancient China and see what we learn from the archaeological evidence gathered there.
Tutankhamen's Tomb
Explore the tomb of the boy king.
The British Museum: Ancient Egypt
Visit the British Museum. They have one of the premier collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world.
The Colosseum
Visit the ancient Roman colosseum. Its construction was started in about 72 AD, and it took 8 years to complete it. When it was dedicated in 80 AD, Roman citizens got to participate in magnificent games that lasted 100 days.
Mysteries of the Nile
Sail down the Nile, the longest river in the world. It was the lifeblood of ancient Egypt and is still crucial for survival of northern Africa today.
National Gallery of Art: The Quest for Immortality: Treasure of Ancient Egypt
Via the National Gallery of Art, examine the religious beliefs about the afterlife of ancient Egyptians.
Nova Online: Treasures of the Sunken City
This program chronicles the underwater discovery of the fabled Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, just offshore from the modern city of Alexandria in Egypt.
Petra: The Great Temple Excavation
This site has a brief history of Petra and its great temple excavations.
Petra: Myth and Reality
Petra's remains lie south of the Dead Sea in what is now the country of Jordan. Petra is the city of tall, imposing stone buildings that Indiana Jones and his friends rode into in the movie Indian Jones and the LastCrusade.
Pyramids: The Inside Story
Explore the pyramids of Khufu, Giza, Menkaure, and Khafue. Find out who built them, how old they are, and what stories the hieroglyphics inside them tell.
Roman Forum
Take a virtual tour of the Roman Forum.
The Silk Road
Travel along the route of the ancient Silk Road. It was an ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean that was about 4,000 miles long.
Stone Pages
Visit Stonehenge and over 500 more archaeological sites of megalithic Europe.
Virtual Antiquity Museum
Take a visual tour of the Egyptian dynasties. This collection contains images of statues from the different Exyptian dynasties.
Most ziggurats were built with sloping sides, level tops, and looked a little like flattened pyramids. They had long stairways reaching to the summit. At the top of each ziggurat was a temple or shrine dedicated to the gods of Mesopotamia.

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People To See

Egyptian Kings
Meet the Egyptian pharaohs and kings from the Early Dynastic period in 3050 B.C. to the Ottoman Empire in the 1700s.
Gladiators: Heroes of the Roman Amphitheatre
Spend some time with Roman gladiators and find out if all those rumors about lions are true.
Wikipedia article about the sixth ruler of ancient Babylonia, Hammurabi.
Heinrich Schliemann
Heinrich Schliemann spent his life researching the possible site of the ancient Greek city of Troy. Find out about Schliemann's excavations and the controversies surrounding his discoveries.
History for Kids: Hammurabi of Babylon
Hammurabi was the sixth ruler of ancient Babylonia. He introduced a code of laws that is still studied today. There were 282 laws in all, and they covered many aspects of daily life.
Muhammad: Ancient Messenger of God
Discover Muhammad and learn about the ancient origins of Islam.

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Things To Do

Akhet Egyptology
Find out about the Egyptian afterlife. Use the Clickable Mummy to learn more about the mummification process.
Ancient Britain
Experience prehistoric Britain and learn about the hill forts dating back to the Iron Age of 700 B.C. There are thousands of ancient barrow mounds in the U.K. today; learn what they are/were.
The Ancient Greek World
Locate information about many topics concerning life in ancient Greece such as home furnishings, home schooling, women's life, dress, religion, politics, and much more.
Ancient Olympics
Compare ancient and modern Olympic sports.
Ancient Scripts
Explore the writing systems of ancient civilizations. Learn all about cuneiform and dozens of other writing systems.
BBC: Ancient Greece
Find a timeline of ancient Greece and learn about life in ancient Athens, Olympia, and Corinth.
BBC: The Romans
Learn all about every day life in ancient Rome. One of the things they ate was calves brains with roses.
Brief History of Assyrians
Explore ancient Assyria which covered parts of present-day Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
Count and Capture Games
Play games that have their origins in ancient Egypt and Africa.
Encyclopedia Phoenicia
Discover the contributions that the ancient Phoenicians made to our modern day world.
Epigraphy in the Ancient World
Epigraphy is the study of ancient inscriptions. Learn how epigraphers study ancient cultures.
Etruscan World Gallery
Learn about the early life, commerce, religion, architecture, etc. of the Etruscan peoples. This website also features a Greek World and a Roman World section.
The Greeks: Crucible of Civilization
There's a tutorial to help you speak like an ancient Greek.
Enter your name in the field provided, and this site will spin it out in hieroglyphics.
History for Kids: Ancient Greece
Discover the philosophy, religion, clothing, history, economy, language, food, art, and government of the ancient Greeks.
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
Browse through this online repositories of hundreds of links about ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, Israel, and more.
Nova: Secrets of Lost Empires
Watch as archaeological crews "attempt to ferret out long-forgotten secrets of early architects and engineers.
Odyssey Online
Locate resources for ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Africa.
The Parthian Empire
Explore the ancient Parthian empire. It was centered in Persia which is modern-day Iran.
Pyramid Design and Construction
Learn the construction techniques for making pyramids.
Rosetta Stone
Learn how the discovery of the Rosetta Stone in 1799 help decipher Egyptian hieroglypics.
Smithsonian Museum of Natural History: African Voices
Click on History at the bottom of the page to learn about some of the ancient inhabitants of this huge continent.

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