Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, the Medieval Era, the Dark Ages----the period of time between about 400 AD and 1400 AD in western Europe is known by many names. What comes to mind when we think of the Middle Ages: serfs, castles, plagues, knights, lords, ladies, pilgrimages, bishops, monks, wars, cathedrals, illuminated manuscripts, chivalry, crusades. What historical and societal events played a part in the transition of western Europe from a strong, mostly Roman-held culture to the system known as feudalism? Come and explore the period called the Middle Ages to learn more.


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Places To Go

Amazing Middle Ages
Explore the life, weapons, and events of the Middle Ages on this site.
Castle Builder
An activity where the student is asked to build a medieval castle.
Castles on the Web
Explore medieval castles in England, France , Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and more.
Play Joust
Choose a steed, a herald, armor and then joust.
The Village of Wichamstow
Travel to this virtual medieval village to learn about life in the Middle Ages.

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People To See

The Camelot Project
Meet Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, Mordred, and many other characters in King Arthur's realm.
Meet Charlemagne. He was king of an empire in the 8 th century that covered most of what is now Germany and France.
Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales which describes various people as they undertake pilgrimages to Canterbury Cathedral to worship at the burial place of St. Thomas Becket.
Joan of Arc
Meet Joan of Arc. She was a French peasant who claimed to have seen visions from God. She was burned as a heretic in 1431.
Marco Polo and His Travels
Make the acquaintance of Marco Polo. His travels to China in the late 13 th century helped open up trade routes and bring back information about eastern culture.
Robin Hood: Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood
Get to know Robin Hood. According to medieval legend, he was an outlaw who lived in Sherwood Forest in England and whole stole from the rich to give to the poor.
The World Wide Robin Hood Sociey
The legend of Robin Hood Discussed in great detail with the opportunity to view your opinion.

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Things To Do

BBC: The Vikings
According to this site, "the Vikings weren't just horned-helmeted raiders, but were farmers, traders and settlers." Find out more.
Falconry was a hobby of the noble classes during the Middle Ages. Falcons were bred and trained to hunt small animals.
Feudal System
Learn about the intricacies of feudal life. The feudal system was basically about wealthy individuals giving land to less wealthy individuals in return for loyalty.
Gode Cookery
Browse through this "compilation of medieval recipes from authentic sources adapted for the 21st century kitchen, along with diverse facts on food and feasting in the Middle Ages."
Learn how heraldry fit into the Middle Ages. Designs were called coats of arms, and they helped knights identify each other on battlefields.
History Channel: Medieval Resources
Locate an extensive subject directory of information about the Middle ages.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Explore a wide variety of medieval resources.
The Labyrinth: Sources for Medieval Studies
Browse through the alphabetical listing of medieval topics at the comprehensive site.
Learner.Org: Middle Ages
Experience feudal life. Learn about the homes, clothing, religion, health, town life, entertainment, and other elements of daily life in the medieval world.
Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
Read through this medieval book of hours. Books of hours were prayer books mostly made by monks or priests that contained miniature illustrations and designs.
Medieval and Renaissance Food Homepage
Find out about cooking, recipes, and food in the Middle Ages. Access scholarly and important articles such as "Cauldrons and the Development of Cast Iron for Domestic Use."
Medieval Technology
Grindstones, compasses, spectacles, wine presses, and looms are a few of the medieval technologies explained. Find out what a whippletree was and what it was used for.
The Middle Ages
Explore an index of resources on the Middle Ages including legends, weapons, art, literature, games, and dailylife.
Listen to medieval music. Explore the art, drama, and literature of medieval culture. Learn about the laws, customs, religious activities, and everyday life of the middle ages.
The Black Death was one of the worst natural disasters in history. In 1347 A.D., a great plague swept over Europe, ravaged cities causing widespread hysteria and death.
Learn about the bubonic plague, often called the Black Death. It spread from Asia to western Europe along trade routes carried on fleas that lived on rats.

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