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UEN provides STEM education in unique ways.  Cheese Science is a partnership that launched Jan. 25, 2010. With statewide reach, UEN is uniquely positioned to effect public recognition that STEM is a national priority and motivate further STEM revitalization.  Cheese Science builds on the same premise that helped UEN SciFi Friday receive a national community impact award: using popular culture as a bridge to science.

Cheese is accessible science. UEN licensed a 21-part program, Cheese Slices, that features different cheeses of the world, history, geography and culture.  It’s a fun program, and everyone loves cheese.  But if it was just for fun, then UEN wouldn’t be doing this project.  UEN is doing this project because we believe we can use our broadcasting and web resources to bring science to a broader audience, elevate the conversation around science, inspire middle and high school students to build an academic record of core courses that make them college-ready, and influence a new pipeline of students to enter science careers.

According to the U. S. Department of Labor, employment of agricultural and food scientists is expected to grow by 16 percent between 2008 and 2018, faster than the average for all occupations.  Utah is a good location for food science careers, and UEN is doing its part to ready the pipeline of students.

UEN’s Cheese Science is sponsored by Cache Valley Cheese, DSM, Gossner Foods, Schreiber Foods and the Western Dairy Center. The project’s Advisory Board includes Beehive Cheese Company, The Utah Dairy Council, Utah State Board of Education, Utah State University and Utah State University Extension.


Cheese board

Utah Education Network is pleased to partner with dedicated and talented food scientists in our community. Our “Cheese Board” has generously shared their knowledge, time, and expertise to realize our goal of making science more accessible to Utah learners. Thank you.