KUEN CPB Compliance


Meeting Location:
The Dolores Dore Eccles Broadcast Center
101 Wasatch Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

KUEN/Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN) complies with Section 396 (k) (4) of the Communications Act by providing notice to the public before holding public meetings of its Governing Board and meetings of its councils. Notice of these public meetings is posted on the website and in our main offices at The Dolores Dore Eccles Broadcast Center 101 Wasatch Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84112.

In addition, all such meetings including the availability of online information and that meetings are open the public are announced on the air a minimum of 1 time per day (and normally 2 times per day) for three days prior to the meetings. This exceeds the CPB requirement that this information is conveyed on three consecutive days quarterly.

Subject to reasonable limitations (such as the size of available meeting space), all members of the public are permitted to attend any of the meetings above without condition such as registrations or providing any personal information. All or portions of any board or advisory council meeting may be “Closed” to the public in compliance with the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act (52-­‐4-­‐204) where one of the following will be discussed:

  • Discussion of the character, professional competence, or physical or mental health of an individual;
  • Strategies to discuss collective bargaining;
  • Strategy sessions to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation;
  • Strategy sessions to discuss the purchase, exchange, or lease or real property;
  • Discussion regarding deployment of security personnel, devices, or systems;
  • Investigative proceedings regarding allegations of criminal misconduct;
  • Or deliberations of an evaluation committee under Utah Procurement Code.

Board agendas, materials, and minutes are posted online with public access on the UEN.org website. Board Members are posted online here.

KUEN is licensed to the Utah State Board of Regents. Meeting schedule information is available on their website.