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Animal Adaptations

Activities at the Apply Level

Learners show, diagram, classify, discover, examine, demonstrate, interpret, sketch, illustrate, solve, and use information in a new situation

Using an online resource such as Ask an Expert or a local resource such as the Division of Wildlife Resource, interview an expert and collect information samples of local animals and their physical adaptations.
Devise a plan to create public awareness about protecting animal habitats to accommodate the plants and animals that are uniquely adapted to live there
Start a classroom blog about animal adaptations where students can contribute their favorite information about animal adaptations.
Apply your animal adaptations knowledge to this online activity.
Choose 10 animals that you want to know more about.  Make a chart (example below) and classify how the animals’ adaptations help them survive in their habitat.
Animal The Animal’s Habitat A Physical or Behavioral Adaptation How the Adaptation Helps the Animal