Animal Adaptations

Activities at the Analyze Level

Learners compare, categorize, contrast, examine, breakdown, test, investigate, calculate, organize, deconstruct, distinguish, and explore relationships

Choose an animal and research its adaptations.  Using concept mapping software such as Inspiration or an online tool such as Mindmapping, develop a concept map that examines the animal and how its adaptations have helped it be successful in its environment.
Develop a classroom survey about animals in habitats of your state.  Solicit participation from classrooms in other counties or other areas of the state.  Ask participants to contribute local animals and their particular adapatations to the survey.  Organize the results by county or area and explore how/why some animals are more plentiful and successful in certain environments than in others.
Compare and contrast animals in different habitats and distinguish the adaptations that they have developed over time.  For example, compare and contrast animals in Australia to animals in Utah or compare and contrast animals in Africa to animals in South America.
Insect Generator - Create your own insect by choosing head, abdomen, thorax and wings from a variety of insect models. Add information to create a report about your creation by giving it a name and reflecting on its diet, habitat, adaptations and other facts.