Animal Adaptations

Activities at the Remember Level

Learners locate, identify, name, describe, list, recognize, label,  recall, memorize, retrieve, and define information

Locate resources to use for animal adaptations research.  eMedia in Utah's Online Library has dozens of video and image resources to support the study of animal adaptations.
World Book Encyclopedia Online is part of Utah's Online Library and has resources for every kind of animal.  Locate an article about how animals are successful in their habitat, and define what animal adaptation means.
Identify different websites that could be used for learning about animal adaptations and make a list for class members to share.  Here is a website to get you started: NatureWorks: Structural and Behavioral Adaptations
Make a Facts Chart about Utah animals and list some of their physical and behavioral adaptations.
Identify 3 reptiles in the biome where you live and describe their physical adaptations.
Watch this video about animal adaptations and list 5 facts that you learned.
Listen to this rap song about an animal’s adaptation and describe how camels can thrive in their environment.  Don’t forget to sing along!