Animal Adaptations

Activities at the Create Level

Learners design, produce, construct, invent, plan, generate, imagine, compose, assemble, devise, and use information to create something new

Write a fictional short story which contains an animal and its adaptation as a key element in the plot.  Explore some of the many online resources to publish your short story.  Consider some of the mobile publishing formats such as EPUB so that publications can be shared among students’ mobile devices.
Using a tool such as Prezi, Powerpoint, Photo Story, Glogster, etc. design a presentation about an animal and describe its adaptations and a plan to promote conservation of the animal.
Invent a new animal and create adaptations for the animals that will help it thrive in its environment.
Develop a comic strip about animal adaptations.  There are many online comic creators such as Toondoo, Pixton, or Kerpouf.  Some schools might have software such as Comic Life.  ReadWriteThink also has a free online comic creator.
Design a classroom or hallway mural for your school about animal adaptations.
Produce a podcast about animal adaptations that are unique to your locale.
Create a classroom website about animals.  Collaborate with several classrooms from somewhere else in the world.  Weebly is a free online website creator.  It has a feature that facilitates multiple users inputting content.  Participating classrooms could each contribute information about animal adaptations in their own countries.  (Koalas stomachs are adapted to eating eucalyptus leaves which are often toxic to other animals.) How fun to have an Australian classroom participate!  Find a classroom in Canada and learn about caribou!  Find a classroom in Mexico and learn about jaguarundi!
Locate appropriate animal adaptation resources and develop animal trading cards!  Include information such as the animal name, habitat, and, of course, adaptations.  Exchange your cards with another classroom in your school or reach out to a classroom in another district or state to share your information.
Create a hibernation journal in 1st person from the viewpoint of an actual animal.