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Homeroom: Teacher Retention with Kami Dupree and Heidi Matthews

May 19, 2022
Dani and Matt are joined by Kami Dupree from USBE and Heidi Matthews with UEA to discuss teacher retention in Utah. Learn more about how they are creating initiatives to address the issue in our schools. 
PDTV: Instructional Design with Nearpod

May 9, 2022
Katie Blunt is in Moab, Utah where she walks us through the importance of researching and strategizing to find the best ways to use educational technology tools in your classroom. Then, we see it in action as 2nd-grade teacher...
Homeroom: Oleander Initiative with Ray Matsumiya & Iman Al-Omari

May 5, 2022
Dani and Matt are joined by Ray Matsumiya and Iman Al-Omari from the Oleander Initiative. Listen to learn how they inspire peace education in the classroom by taking teachers from across the world to Japan to learn about the...
eMedia Update: Accessibility in eMedia

May 2, 2022
In this eMedia update, Katie Blunt walks us through the different accessibility tools offered on the eMedia site. We learn how to access resources with accessibility features and how to customize the site for easier navigating.
Homeroom: Bright Spots in Math Education with McKell Withers and Greenwood Elementary Teachers

April 28, 2022
In this episode of UEN Homeroom, Dani and Matt are joined by ULEAD program director McKell Withers and the 6th grade teachers at Greenwood Elementary. Listen to learn more about the ULEAD education initiative and how these...
Adobe Spotlight: Level Up with Character Animator

April 25, 2022
In this episode of Adobe Spotlight, Rob demonstrates new features in Adobe Character Animator. Watch to learn more about the program's exciting possibilities for your classroom!
Nearpod News: Using Google Slides Add-On to Create a Lesson

April 25, 2022
In this episode of UEN Nearpod News, Jami provides a look at the Google Slides Add-On and demonstrates how easy it is to convert your Google Slide presentations into Nearpod lessons.
Leading Schools Summit

April 19, 2022
A multi-day summit, July 12-14, 2022, designed to provide principals with the inspiration, support and professional learning opportunities they need to lead student-centered PCBL learning initiatives in their schools.
Homeroom: FReadom Fighters Carolyn Foote and Becky Calzada

April 14, 2022
In this episode of UEN Homeroom, Dani and Matt are joined by FReadom Fighters, Carolyn Foote and Becky Calzada. We learn about the FReadom Fighters movement in Texas, all about reading and advocating for their libraries. 
PDTV: Reflective Practice & Data Analysis

April 12, 2022
Teachers from Alpine School District share the secrets of their success with mathematics instruction. Host Katie Blunt guides us in understanding how reflective practice and data analysis have contributed to positive changes in...
Utah's Online Library for Virtual Days

April 8, 2022
Dani Sloan is joined by 3rd Grade Teacher, Josalyn Stevens from Fillmore Elementary. Josalyn demonstrates an easy way to engage students during virtual learning days, using a tool from Utah’s Online Library. 
Law & Nonprofit Career Exploration

April 5, 2022
Get insight from professionals in this April 7 session hosted by the Utah Woman & Leadership Project.
eMedia Update: Collaborating through Open Educational Practice

April 1, 2022
Explore Open Educational Practice (OEP) with Katie Blunt and learn how eMedia tools and the OER Collective hub can help you contribute to the eMedia community and participate in building a library of quality Open Educational...
PDTV: UCET 2022 Recap

March 31, 2022
Katie Blunt travels to Provo to visit with attendees at the annual conference of the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology (UCET). She talks to a teacher, an administrator, and a UCET board member about how the UCET...
Homeroom: STEM in the Classroom & Beyond with Shannon Rupert & Jen Carver Hunter

March 30, 2022
Shannon Rupert from the Mars Society and Jen Carver Hunter share great ways teachers can take advantage of learning opportunities involving the Mars Desert Research Station, right here in Utah!