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Teacher Mentoring Hub

September 20, 2022
Explore the Teach Mentoring Hub on eMedia! Find a collection of high-quality, peer-reviewed resources and professional learning aligned to the teacher mentor roles and competencies and engage with other teacher mentors and...
eMedia Update: USBE Parent Guides

September 14, 2022
In this eMedia update, host Katie Blunt walks us through the new Parent Guides available in the eMedia library. 
Early Learning eMedia Hub

September 13, 2022
The eMedia Early Learning hub is now available to explore! Created in partnership with the Utah State Board of Education, this new hub ensures educators have resources to help children build the skills they need to succeed.
The Status & Experiences of Utah Women of Color

September 13, 2022
Join the Utah Women & Leadership Project for a forum with accomplished women of color to discuss their observations, experiences, and insights being women of color in Utah.
Election/Debate Resources

September 6, 2022
Get your students engaged by submitting a question for candidates to answer, watch the debates in October, and learn how speech and debate shape our election process.
Homeroom: Creativity in Education with Adobe

September 1, 2022
In the first episode of the new UEN Homeroom season, hosts Matt and Dani are joined by a team of Adobe Creative Educators who are inspiring educators to reignite creativity in the classroom. 
Nearpod Summer Series: Nearpod in Your Specialty Classroom

August 24, 2022
 In this session, DLI teacher, Marty Chen, and Music teacher, Katie Ross, will show us how they’re using Nearpod in their specialty classrooms to engage and assess students!
Homeroom: The Science of Reading with Claire Son

August 23, 2022
Listen to learn about the science behind early childhood language development and get expert insight on how parents and educators can support young learners.
Parent Guides from USBE

August 17, 2022
These grade-level guides help families better understand what their children should learn, when a child may need more help or when a child would benefit from extra challenges. Download your students' guide 
Utah Women and Leadership Project

August 16, 2022
Join the Utah Women and Leadership Project for their first fall workshop of the season on Wednesday, August 31! Register now.
Utah's Online School Library

August 9, 2022
Utah’s Online Library is now Utah’s Online School Library. With easy-to-find features for smooth navigation, it is a great collection of K-12 online resources. Order free bookmarks for your students to keep track...
Nearpod Summer Series: Differentiation in Nearpod

August 5, 2022
Differentiating instruction is important to meet the needs of all learners. In this session, we will explore how Nearpod can help you easily differentiate lessons and provide data to help you make informed decisions.
Homeroom: The Power of Place with Nicole Walker

August 4, 2022
The Power of Place: In this episode of Summer Reading with UENLitFlix, Matt and Jenn are joined by author and professor Nicole Walker. 
Homeroom: The Music of Words with Heidi Czerwiec

July 26, 2022
Join Matt and Jenn in a conversation with poet and essayist Heidi Czerwiec to discuss the crossover of literary elements into classic films. See how genre, form, and imagery offer a new perspective on film.
2022 Native American Summit

July 21, 2022
The 2022 Native American Summit will held at the University of Utah on July 28th. The goal of this summit is to bring together Tribal leaders, community partners, government officials, educators, students, and...